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The Battle Of Lundy's Lane.

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Lundy Lane

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of The Battle Of Lundy's Lane.

The Battle Of Lundy's Lane

Basic Information
They crossed the Niagara River near Fort Erie to attack Upper Canada

The beat the British at the battle of Chippawa

Led by Major General Jacob Brown and Brigadier General Winfield Scott

About 1000 regulars, militia, and Aboriginal allies

Advanced on Portage Road

Led by Major General John Norton

About 1800 regulars, Canadien militia, Aboriginal allies, and fencibles

They were heavily attakced with field guns in the area now called Drummond Hill cemetery

Eventually won around midnight of July 25
Americans captured General Phineas Riall

Launched multiple attacks on British

Led to hand- to- hand fighting

Muskets and bayonets

Commanding Generals (both sides) wounded

British retaliated on July 25th
Image by goodtextures: http://fav.me/d2he3r8
This war was named the bloodiest war in Canada

This war was also known as the battle of Niagara Falls

The war was fought between the American Troops and British Fencibles and Militia

The British held the area, ending American offense,

Located just around Niagara Falls

July 24-25 1814
Over 200 dead

1100 wounded

Over 200 captured

100 missing

Stopped American advance in Upper Canada

One of the most important battles in the War
of 1812
The battle was fought in modern day Drummond Hill cemetery and Battlefield school

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