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Ancient Mayan civilization

Knowing Ancient Mayan culture.

Catalina Pava

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of Ancient Mayan civilization

Knowing Ancient Mayan culture. Ancient Mayan civilization Southern area Geography Includes Guatemala and Chiapas, and also a small part of El Salvador, and the thin coastal plain of the pacific. The weather is warm and cold with temperatures between 15 C - 25 C . Government The Mayan government was ruled by priests. They lived in independent city-states consisting of rural communities and large urban ceremony centers. Daily Life The main show of the Mayans was the game of the ball (similar to football). The players were the war prisoners and were decapitated.
The Mayan civilization is located in Mexico and it's surroundings. We could say they were mainly located in south Yucatan, part of Guatemala, and Honduras. They were also in Belice, and El Salvador.
The Mayan Paradise The different topography in the Mayan area
influences in the climate, the vegetation and the fauna. One important resource was the salt that exploted in the coast of Yucatan. In the highlands are located coniferous forests. Culture The Mayan constructions were basically made of wood and stone. They made: palaces, temples, ball games, driveways, works, etc.
The Mayans believed in an afterlife. Commoners buried their dead inside their homes, under the floor. Masks During certain religious ceremonies, priests dressed up like jaguars. Mirrors Only men used mirrors. Looking into a mirror was an act of courage. Achievements One of their achievements was inventing the most developed writing system of all american villages. Mayan Calendar The Mayans created their own calendar . Road Systems They created one of the most advanced road systems of their time. Mathematical System They used their numerical system based on the number 20. They had a symbol that represent the 0 so they could make complex operations. Bibliography Answers.com, What were the Maya achievments?. n.d. 12/01/2013. Icarito.cl, Los Mayas. 24/6/2012. 12/01/2013 BY: Ma. Paula Martinez
Catalina Pava
Camila Varon Culturamaya.unblog, La Cultura Maya. 8/05/2007. 12/01/2013. Ciudad, Andres. Los Mayas. Mexico d.f: Iberoamericana, 1989, print. Corresponds to the massifs of Chiapas, Guatemala, and the low lands that descend northward, to the Yucatan peninsula. Central area Northern area Corresponds to the northern part of the Yucatan peninsula and forms a large plain furrowed by some hills. A system of government One noble family controlled each city. When the ruling noble died, his job passed to his son. Pyramids A Maya pyramid is a base with four triangular sides. Without metal tools, they built pyramids that were 200 feet high.

Other achievements... -Palaces and temples
-Ball courts
-Dances (over 1000)
-Embroidery. Mrdonn.org. Inventions and Achievments. n.d. 12/01/2013.
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