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Taenia solium and saginata - mature and gravid proglottides

No description

karthik prakash

on 6 June 2011

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Transcript of Taenia solium and saginata - mature and gravid proglottides

Taenia Solium
Taenia saginata Cyclozoonoses - Require more than one
vertebrate host to complete life cycle Tinea saginata - Beef Tapeworm Africa, USSR, India, Japan etc
Larva - Cysticercus bovis - seen all over the world
Scolex has 4 powerful suckers
5-12 m in length Larval stage occurs in Cows
Oncosphere can only infect cows
Only Adult worm can set up infection in humans
Only intestinal infection seen
Infection acquired from Measly Beef Tinea solium - Pork tapeworm Endemic in INDIA, Africa, Latin america etc
Larva - Cysticercus cellulosus
Scolex has 4 suckers
There are 2 rows of hooks. 2-6 m length Larval stage occurs in Pigs and Humans
Human cysticercosis - Serious public health issue
Both intestinal and systemic infection
Infection from Measly pork CESTODES parasitic flatworms - "tapeworms"
Seen in humans from infected beef, pork, fish etc
has a scolex, Neck and proglottids PROGLOTTIDS MATURE

GRAVID The mature proglottid contains the uterus (unbranched), ovary, genital pore, testes, and vitelline gland Gravid proglottid - uterus is branched and filled with eggs. The gravid segments detach, are passed in the faeces each proglottid contains male and female reproductive structures
Can reproduce independently but usually dont Modes of Transmission Ingestion of infected undercooked pork/beef (Measly)
Ingestion of food, water etc contaminated with eggs
AUTOINFECTION - Retrograde peristalsis to stomach INCUBATION PERIOD - 8-14 weeks CLINICAL ILLNESS Abdominal discomfort
Chronic indigestion
Cholangitis/ appendicitis - straying proglottids HUMAN CYSTICERCOSIS HETEROINFECTION
Ingestion of Eggs - Contaminated food/water AUTOINFECTION Eggs - Portal system - Disseminate CNS - NEUROCYSTICERCOSIS
C/F - Epilepsy, Intracranial HTN
Psychiatric diseases
Hydrocephalus, death Also in muscles, eye CONTROL Treat Infected People
Meat inspection & Hygiene
Sewage treatment
Early detection and Rx of T. Solium
Proper housing, Feeding of pigs & cows TREATMENT Prevention Washing hands
Cooking meat properly
Education of public
prevent soil pollution with human faeces
safe treatment of sewage PRAZIQUANTEL - Single dose
10mg/kg body weight
minimal S/E NICLOSAMIDE - single dose
chewed on empty stomach
swallowed with water Resume eating after 2 hrs PURGATION - in T.Solium
2-3 hours after the drug
eliminates proglottids and eggs from bowels CYSTICERCOSIS Medical for parenchymal
Surgery for intraventricular - hydrocephalus ALBENDAZOLE (D.O.C) - 400 mg twice daily (longer course)
PRAZIQUANTEL - 50mg/kg/d 3 divided doses 15days

Prednisolone - to treat inflammation - 14 days starting 1 day before above

Increases albendazole absorption; decr praziquantel
Both drugs given with fatty meals to increase absorption Scolex - Head - point of attachment to intestine of host THANK YOU!!!
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