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Rogers Highschool

No description

Madelyn Hewins

on 25 April 2012

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Transcript of Rogers Highschool

g Basketball 2009-10 Boys Basketball Named AAA Academic State Champions!!! Baseball
26-13 win over Rogers Heritage Dance and Cheer

My favorite
things about
Rogers High School Knitting Club First Leadership ap·pre·ci·ate/prēSHēāt/Verb: 1.Recognize the full worth of.
2.Be grateful for (something).

Rogers, Arkansas
of the Mounties! I especially appreciate the... Volunteered at church and with First Leadership Been Involved in Pom Participated in Clubs Games Making friends Painting I did in the RHS library when I was a sophomore Working on a mission trip with my church We completed at least 20 hours of communtiy service in order to graduate First Leadership Link crew National Honors
Society S.M.A.T. everything I have done as a student at Rogers High School Dance and Cheer
Well, because of MY .....
And I can't If all of these are so important to me.... I have... Why I do all of this? Because Rogers is my school, Home I have gr0wn up. RHS has made me who I am. and and But mostly because I love MY R S e R and where forget the.... I have And because I have grown up... These things are what make RHS so great... they are an important part of Rogers High School it is where Madelyn Hewins
Senior Project All of my teachers have inspired me, not only to do my best as a student, but also to pursuit a career in art education. My art teachers have helped me develop my skills artistically and start to make plans for my future.
I have taken many
AP and higher level classes in order to gain all of the knowledge I will need once I finish high school. I have also chosen many art classes to prepare me for my future plans of getting a job in the art field, which will help
me to be successful
once I graduate. It is so important to me to be involved in my school. I appreciate every club I have been a part of. They have allowed me to learn lessons outside of the classroom, make friends, and give back to my community. I have joined as many as my schedule can handle including DECA, National Honors Society, First Leadership and many other clubs. I love feeling like I belong to so many groups at Rogers High School. Supporting and participating in sports are some of the best ways to show school spirit. It is great to be in a sport and know you are representing your school. Pom taught me teamwork and leadership. Pom was a great experience, so much fun and a great way to give back to my school by supporting our sports teams and being involved. Link Crew, First Leadership, S.M.A.T. and National Honors Society are the clubs I have been most involved in. Link Crew is a group of seniors who mentor freshman students and help them adjust to life in high school. All of these clubs have helped me become a leader in my school and develop my leadership skills. I was chosen to be in both First Leadership and National Honors Society because of my high grades, my leadership skills, and my community service experience. Giving back to my school and community has always been important to me. My community and school have done so much for me so I do everything I can for them. I will be attending the University of Arkansas this fall. I can’t wait to be a Razorback and I plan to be very involved on campus, through clubs, sports and volunteering. I hope to get as much of college paid for through scholarships as I can. I am interested in several career fields, especially in the fine arts, I have already chosen Art as my major. I would like to become a high school art teacher. I might also like to use my art to become a pastry chef or open my own small art business. And would Rogers High School my MOUNTIES! My Future Plans
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