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Ms. Clubb's Classroom Procedures

No description

Heather Clubb

on 26 August 2013

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Transcript of Ms. Clubb's Classroom Procedures

Entering the Classroom
Enter quietly and politely, do not interrupt other students or teachers. If the previous class is still in the classroom then wait in the hallway for them to leave before entering. Put your supplies at your desk and get out your SSR novel.

(This applies even if you enter class tardy.)
Beginning Class
Class begins when the bell rings for the start of class. When the bell rings you should be in your seat reading. Class will begin each day with a 20 minute block of Self-Selected Reading time.

If you are tardy for class and have a note explaining your late arrival then you will be excused. If you do not have an excuse then you will receive a strike for the unexcused tardy. When you come in tardy you need to quickly get your materials and start reading. Do this quickly and quietly so you do not disrupt the rest of the class.
Getting Out of Here
Ending class -
Class ends when I dismiss you. You should work until the bell rings. When the bell rings you may pack up your things and put your class folder away. Also you may put away any classroom supplies you used during class. When I dismiss you then you may leave the class, do so politely and quietly.
Ms. Clubb's Classroom Procedures
Writing Utensils
When to use the pencil sharpener:
At the beginning of each class, before the bell, the pencil sharpener will be open. You may also use the pencil sharpener when I am not teaching the whole group, when we are independently working. (But not during SSR!)
Use of Pens:
Pens may be used in class. Only blue or black ink is allowed for work that will be graded; i.e. class assignments, essays, worksheets, exit tickets, etc. Red ink may be used for editing. You may use ink of other colors for your notes or any work that is not to be turned in for a grade.
Classroom Pencil Chart -
The classroom pencil chart has one pencil for each student. If you need to borrow a pencil for class or a sharpened pencil during class you may borrow your pencil. Pencils are assigned by classroom number. At the end of class be sure to return your pencil to its spot in the chart. If your pencil is not returned at the end of class you will receive a strike, if this happens twice you will have to complete a Classroom Supply Slip and have it signed by your parent or guardian. If this happens again then it will result in an MIR.
Leaving the classroom -
If you need to leave the classroom for any reason you must ask permission. You may not ask to leave the class when I am teaching the whole group. If I am not teaching the whole group and you are given permission then take the appropriate hall pass. Do not run or play in the hallway. Go directly to where you have asked to go and come directly back.
How to line up and walk in the hallway -
When traveling as a group outside of the classroom we will walk in a quiet, orderly line. You will line-up in the hallway outside of the classroom, the line starts at the double doors and should be single-file. When we travel down the hall or up the stairs you will walk on the right side, this is good walking etiquette. You should never walk more than two wide and you should be quiet. (Quiet means no louder than a whisper, whisper means that only you and the person you are talking to can hear you.)
The Working Details
Labeling your work -
Every piece of work that you do in class must be labeled. Your paper must have the following things on it: your name (first and last initial), the date, and the assignment label (what the assignment is called). This should be at the top of your paper and can be on either side. Make it the first thing you do for any assignment. I will not grade any work that is not labeled correctly and no name work will be put in the No Name Notebook forever.
Missing and late work -
Make sure your name, the date, and assignment label is on your paper. Also be sure to label the work as either missing or late work. Place your paper in the late work basket. Work should be turned in at the beginning of class, during the Bell Ringer, or at the end of class.
Turning in finished work and homework -
Make sure your name, the date, and the assignment label is on your paper then place your paper right side up in your class's basket. Homework should be turned in at the beginning of class, this means before SSR time beginnings, or at the end of class. Work that is finished in class can be turned in at any time when I am not teaching the whole group. No work should be turned in while I am teaching the whole group.
What to do with unfinished work -
Sometime work will not be finished in one class block. When this happens it will be for one of two reasons. Activities we do in class sometimes will take us a few days to complete. When this happens the unfinished work should be kept in your binder or folder so that you can work on it when we come back to the activity. Now sometimes work will not be finished in class and will become homework. I will always make sure to tell you if the unfinished work is to be completed later in class or is homework.
If you are absent, when you return you should check the "Absent?" bin. The work you missed will be in the folder bin (check for the date you missed). Your work will have a due date on it. When you have completed your make-up work turn it into the late work basket. Be sure to label the work as make-up.
Throwing away trash - You may throw away trash whenever you need to if I am not teaching the whole group.
Do not play basketball with your trash!
(that will earn you a strike!)
Make sure your trash lands in the can!

Our class will have transitions or changes in direction that occur regularly. This may be difficult at first but you will get use to it. There are a few things you have to do to make this successful. First always listen for the attention signal. When I signal for attention I will give you simple, clear directions and it is your job to follow those directions as quickly and quietly and you possibly can.
Classroom Transition
Classroom Supplies are here for all to use in class. Therefore we must share them and take good care of them. So when you get them out be sure to put them out on the shelf carefully. When you take them to your desk be sure to use them appropriately then return them to their container. Be sure to always recap the markers and glue sticks. Sharpen the colored pencils with the hand sharpeners not the electric sharpener. When we are done using the supplies be sure to get the supplies back into their containers neatly.
Classroom Supplies
Helping other Students
If you need help, start by checking the directions then ask the students around you for help. Then ask me. If you are working alone, raise your hand to get help from me. If you are working with a group, ask them for help in understanding the assignment. Remember cheating is not allowed but help is!
If you finish an assignment, first work on any unfinished assignments, Reading Responses, or homework that you need to finish. Then you can choose to do your classroom job (if you have one), work on an extension project, or read. This is not time for you to talk with other classmates or horseplay.
What to do with free Time
Signals for Attention

When I need your attention, I will ring the bell or stop the music. As soon as you hear the signal, stop what you are doing, look at me and listen for directions.
In a cooperative classroom, it is good to help one another. If someone needs help with directions or reading an assignment, help him or her if you are able. If someone needs help with understanding the question or concept, tell him or her to ask me for help. Never put down another student who asks for help. Also never copy another student's answers, this is not help. It is cheating and will result in a call home and a MIR.
Working In Groups
Take all the materials you will need to your work group. Greet each other and then complete the task your group has been asked to do. Be focused and stay on task. Group work is meant to be collaborative but it is still work. Do your personal best and encourage your group members to do their best too. Be sure to thank the others in your group for their work.
Going to lunch -
Lunch is during 3rd block. When it is time to go to lunch I will dismiss you. Line up in the hallway by the Rules sign. Do this quietly as other classes may still be working. If you need to stop at the bathroom on the way up to the cafeteria do so quickly.
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