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Henry Hudson

Canadian Explorer

Jenna Whyte

on 16 February 2013

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Transcript of Henry Hudson

Henry Hudson Mutiny This is a map of Henry's 4 voyages These are some pictures of Henry's life In June of 1611 the Discovery was able to leave James Bay. Henry wanted to keep looking for the Northwest passage. Most of the crew wanted to just go back England, but Henry did not. They were low on food supplies. The crew took over the ship. They sent Henry a drift with his son and 7 other crew members. Goal Henry's goal was to find a northern passage to Asia. He went on 4 voyages. First voyage Second voyage Third voyage Forth voyage Henry left in the spring of 1607 and returned in fall of 1607. He was hired by the Muscovy company, an English firm. The ship Henry took was the Hopewell. He explored islands near Greenland before going home because of icy water. But on the way Henry saw lots of whales, which lead to opening new whale hunting grounds. Henry left in 1608. He was searching for the northwest passage. His ship was called the Hopewell. He was hired by Muscovy company English firm. Henry sailed the Arctic ocean to the north of Russia but he was block by thick ice. He then returned back to England. But Henry did not find the northwest passage. Henry was born in England in the year 1656. He learned the seafaring life from fishermen and sailors. He worked on other ships before commanding his own. Henry became a commander in his late twenties. He got married to a lady named Katherine and they had 3 sons. Henry's life from the beginning to the end Henry went in 1609. He went in the Half moon ship. Henry was hired by Dutch East India Company. He went North of Russia but he got stopped by ice again but this time he did not go home. He sailed west and he stopped in Nova Scotia and he traded with some local Native American. He went down the coast to Chesapeake Bay and explored New York Harbour. Henry and his crew fought with the local Native Americans. They then traveled north up a river that was later named Hudson River. Some facts about Henry Henry Hudson was a English sea explorer. He was a fur trader. Henry was a captain and commander of his own ship. He wanted to find a Northwest passage way that would take traders across North America to Asia. This is Henry Hudson This is Henry Hudson ship in what we call now Hudson Bay This is a picture of Henry's second ship the half moon Hopewell ship Northwest passage Half moon ship Places named after Henry Hudson Henry has 3 places named after him the Hudson River , Hudson Strait and last but not least the Hudson Bay. England Henry left in April 1610. He went in the Discover ship. Henry was hired by Virginia company and the British East India company. He went past Iceland and south of Greenland. Then went through Hudson Strait, North of Labrador. Henry reached Hudson bay, then traveled South and came to a dead end in James bay. The Discover ship Bibliography Henry Hudson was never seen again! Matthews, Rupert Explorer (Eyewitness Books) London: Dorling Kindersley Limited, 1991. http://www.biography.com/people/henry-hudson-9346049? (February 2, 2013) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/henry_hudson (January 25, 2013)
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