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No description

Joy Service

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of ASCEND Test

Foundation Review What are we tracking? Goals &Dates Core Talking Points What Does Success Look Like? ASCEND - Planting the Seeds for Success Contacts
Significant Interactions
SPD Certification
Van Intel
What Does Success Look Like?
What Is In It For You?
Overview of Phase I, II, III and Talking Points
What Are We Tracking?
How Do You Enter Information In the Portal?
What Are Your Expectations & When You Need to Meet Them?
How Is Marketing Supporting This Effort?
Email Series
How is Training Supporting This Effort?
Cultivate your Business - Call to Action What IS In It For You? Price Activations Success Stories Tanner
Alegent Increased Business
Contract Revenue
Committed Business 85% w/Price Activations & Sales Phase One Meet and Greet Contacts
Price Activation Phase Two Significant Interactions
Ready Tissue Tracker
On Location
Initial Sales January - April February - May Phase Three CAP Focus
Long - Term Loyality Score April - 2016 "Who is IMS?" Use launch documents located on the portal. IMS ASCEND Award "IMS is a Sole Source covering:
Surgical Devices
Instrumentation" Key Date 5/1 "Premier Auto Opt out date is 5/1." Guaranteed Savings "Covers all repairs and based on previous year's spend."

*Ask customer to provide you their spend. Ready Tissue Tracker "IMS will waive the annual licensing fee of $7750 for contracting customers. Customers only have a small set up fee of $2500." SPD Certification "Certification training for SPD Technician. An $800 per Technician fee is waived for contracting customers." "Two percent annual rebate for customers spending $100,000 annually!" Marketing Support Section on Sales Matrix
Webinars with ASCEND
Opt-Out Survey
Email Series Training Support Webinars
One on One's with RVPs
Quick Reference Guides
Talk Tracks
ASCEND for New Hire's Email Series Thank You/Price Activate In Review Series Price Activation/No Activity Last Call Welcome/About IMS 02/01; then as new contacts are entered
Sent to all email contacts
Excludes “challengers” Starting 02/08 sent as we receive PA info
Sent to contact that fills out the activate form
Excludes “challengers” Contains a coupon to encourage them to send first order
20% - PA by 03/01 – order by 03/31
15% - PA by 04/01 – order by 04/30
10% - PA by 05/01 – order by 05/31 03/01, 03/15, 04/01, 04/15
Sent to all email contacts
Excludes “challengers”
Subject: CAP, ReadyTracker, SPD Certs, General IMS (+ graduated coupon) Beginning 1 month after no activity after PA
1st : Sent to contact that filed the PA; 2nd -4th: All contacts at facility
Excludes “challengers”
Subject: Additional values, Graduated Coupon 04/26 & 04/29
Sent to all email contacts at facilities that have not price activated or opted-out
Subject: End of PA period is May 1 Opt-Out Beginning 02/08; as opt-outs are received
Email to let them know they may be contacted for a survey
Survey via phone or email Forced Opt-Out After 05/01 “Oops, did you mean to opt out?” email to remind them they can get their opt-out back with IMS PA Cultivate Your Business - Call to Action Gather important information and enter it in the portal. "Quality vs Quantity." Visit the ASCEND site on the Portal for important information and resources. Share your success stories! Use your "talking points" when speaking with customers. Time is not your friend! Questions How to Enter Information in Portal 30% Open Rate - Industry Standard is 18%
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