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21st Century Teaching & Learning

No description

Gabrielle Marquette

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of 21st Century Teaching & Learning

21st Century Teaching and Learning This has more to do with your behavior than with technology A.L. Costa identifies 16 Habits of Mind that represent behaviors of intelligent people when they are confronted with problems. And...they can ALL be learned. Habits of MInd We will be asking you to employ these dispositions in this class Student Responsibilities Keep completed classwork
Know the standards of learning
Be aware of your strengths and weaknesses
Keep track of evidence of your learning
Ask for help
Be active Teacher Responsibilities Provide direct instruction
Maintain a learning atmosphere
Provide feedback so you can improve skills
Encourage you to take risks
Create meaningful and respectful learning tasks What will this look like in our classroom? Students enter the classroom as if they were going to work
Students get started with work on their own
Students know what they plan to learn
Students help to maintain an environment where everyone can learn
Students are working together
Students are using available technology
Teachers are available to answer questions and assist in solving problems
Teachers have a variety of resources and strategies to help students become more indepedent
Teachers provide direct instruction when needed
Students and teachers are working together
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