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Kentucky iTunes U

a quick walkthrough of the Kentucky iTunes U project.

Marty Park

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of Kentucky iTunes U

KY.P20 | NxGL the story. the why. http://p20.education.uky.edu/labs/ video is the new voice. mobile. total potential audience. offline content. go to where the people are. why not? the content. the activities. the process. the timeline. content now & ongoing public press event was August 24th. the project turns into a day to day process. browse to KY
search for KY
explore KY
explore other states
advanced search
copy link... click link... OR tap link. http://articles.centralkynews.com/2011-05-13/news/29542357_1_readiness-districts-assistant-superintendent-david-young apple, inc no account needed. the resources. http://www.apple.com/education/itunes-u/
mail to: iTunesU@education.ky.gov
metrics district POC | understand the rubric | sign MOA | establish collections | upload content what is YOUR media storage and distribution strategy? the real story KY iTunes U Project adding new contributors weekly. YOU need to be a contributor! Analytics and Metrics (Quick Look from March 2011 to Present):

52 Active Collections, Over 500 individual assets
Subscriptions - 6,506 (user subscribed to collection or content series to automatically download as new episodes are published)
Views - 138,714 (browsing to any pg/collection/item)
Streams - 16,012 (viewers clicking the play button to stream live content)
Downloads - 70,573 (user clicks to download individual items)
Total Number of Accessed Content - 225,229 Send me an email: marty.park@edu.... iTunesU@education.ky.gov
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