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Teenagers & Alcohol

No description

Flynn Bradford-Loriente

on 11 August 2014

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Transcript of Teenagers & Alcohol

First of all, What is Alcohol?
Alcohol is a socially accepted drug in Australia. Parents tend to drink with their children to teach them how much you should drink. Drinking excessively can definitely get you intoxicated, making your head spin uncontrollably, blurred vision, migraines and getting sick and spewing everywhere.
Alcohol in use
Feeling left out of peer groups is one of the most common reasons why teenagers drink. If the adolescent felt left out, this would pressure them to join in and have a drink alongside their friends. Teens may also drink because of their mood. For example, if they're feeling depressed, they think they can relieve the emotional pain with alcohol.
Why do teens drink?
Irresponsible actions
When you drink too much, you can't control yourself and may make stupid decisions, leading to embarrassing actions, like having unplanned and unsafe sex. This can lead to unwanted pregnancies and in some cases, abortion. If this isn't the case, the mother/father would have to put up with school and the commitments to their child.
Solving the problem
Usually teens drink because something has gone wrong in his/her family (parents divorcing or death of a family member) or at school (under peer pressure or bullying). So to fit in they accept alcohol, but drinking to be part of a group or feel good isn't an excuse to drink. To solve your problem get help. Ask adults, your parents or teachers if the problem is at school. If you can't tell your parents or your teachers, there are special websites to speak to people that can really help in these things.
In addition alcohol destroys the human mind, but if young teens drink, it's much worse. During the time of being a teenager, it's preferable to keep away from alcohol and other drugs, because keeping the body healthy is the number one job you should do at a young age.
Teenagers & Alcohol
By James S. G. H. & Flynn T. B. L. R. L. N. R.
Drinking is part of international society. Some people may not know this, but alcohol is a legal
. Alcohol is a depressant. It acts to slow down the central nervous system and inhibits many of the brain’s functions - affecting almost all of the body’s cells and systems. This presentation is going to talk about teenagers and alcohol. When they use it responsibly, or irresponsibly.
This graph shows that very few or no drinks are consumed on a daily basis. When binge drinking, the number of drinks consumed have significantly increased; drinks consumed in the past month are very high as well. It has been researched that approximately 90% of Australians over 13 years of age have drunk alcohol.
Just before we finish up, we would like to show you a brief video explaining how the brain of an adolescent reacts to alcohol. Enjoy!
Prior Knowledge
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