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How to register a Trademark in Argentina

Step by step description of the procedure for a trademark registration in Argentina.

B&R Latin America

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of How to register a Trademark in Argentina

IN ARGENTINA Filing the Application 1 application per class must be filed First Review The PTO checks that all requirements are met, and that the trademark is correctly classified Notification to applicant Some requirements are not met All requirements are met A basic requirement is not met Application is discarded Motives:
-lack of signature
-no mark included in application
-lack of classification Applicant may correct the application Motives:
-lack of information on incorporation or legal representacion (for corporations)
-errors in address or name
-incorrect classification Application corrected Application not corrected PUBLICATION The application and the mark are published on the official journal of the PTO 1 day 30 days -The Pto prepares and issues a statement (observation) on the registrability of the mark, and on the existence of similar marks.
-Third parties may file oppositions to the application. No oppositions and no observations There are observations from the PTO Oppositions are filed Request for dismissal of the opposition (Mediation & judicial procedure) Opposition is discarded Opposition stands Applicant may make corrections or answer the observation DECISION OF THE PTO Granted Denied Filing Appeal -Appeal is a judicial procedure
-The matter is discussed before a Federal Court for Civil and Commercial Matters. Time for Oppositions and Observation Negotiation between applicant and opponent (Private procedure) Opposition is discarded Opposition stands Trademark registration is declared to be "abandoned" Applicant doesn't make corrections or answers the observation Trademark registration is declared to be "abandoned" (Grab, drag, zoom in or zoom out this presentation at any moment to see more details)
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