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Copy of Prezi Template for AS 3.3 reflection task

A bit of assistance if you want it. Because it's actually all about the content!

Nathan Campbell

on 22 July 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Prezi Template for AS 3.3 reflection task

In this assignment...

3.1) Review on Goals
3.2) Biomechanics in my programme
3.3) Changes to this swimming PIP
3.4) Implementation into other areas
TASK 3.2
TASK 3.1
My Goals
TASK 3.3
Changes To The Programme

Newton 3rd Law of motion
Force Summation


This is me swimming, (below) demonstrating the 's' shape pull. I used this knowledge to increase my effiecincy in the water so i could have more energy saved at the end of 8 minute swim. I knew that by catching and then re catching new water on each stroke I am moving more water and in turn going faster. It then helps me to save energy as I am moving faster and easier through the water and that results in me being able to swim harder for longer and get a better mark in the timed 8 minute swim.
Technique goals
Weekly goals
Mid and Long term goals
Nathan Campbell
Correct technique explained
My incorrect technique

My improved technique
TASK 3.4
Other aspects of my life
2 foot push off.
Notice increased distance
One foot push off.
Notice lack of distance
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