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Zoologist/ Wildlife Biologist

No description

justin dumont

on 25 January 2017

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Transcript of Zoologist/ Wildlife Biologist

Zoologist/ Wildlife Biologist
Justin Dumont
Job description
- Study animals in their natural habitats and assessing effects of environment
- Control wildlife diseases
- Study characteristics of animals such as origin, genetics, diseases, and classification
- Organize and conduct experimental studies with live animals
Related jobs or occupations
- Fish and game warden: Develops improved practices in parasite and disease control of animals.
- Biologist: Studies and manages wild life population.
- Animal Scientist: Protects and preserves native wild life.
Working Conditions
This job involves outside and inside work mostly with groups. Also mostly standing with limited travel with danger from live animal study.
Education and training
Most zoologist have a master's degree in biology and zoology. A PH.D in biology and zoology is needed for independent research or for university research positions.
Why selected this job?
I enjoy working and learning about animals. I'm careful, patient, and understanding. I'm good at noticing small details.
Skills needed
- Transferable skills:
Analyzing and interpreting life science data
Explaining life science concepts
Operating computers to record and analyze life science data
Researching life sciences

- Workplace skills:
Social perceptiveness
Time management
Systems analysis
Personal Characteristics Needed:
-Being outside and inside
-Learning things about animals
-Keeping animals safe
-Helping animals from disease outbreaks
-Describing animals characteristics
-Being patient, careful, and quite

Entry- level salary = $39,000
Median annual salary = $60,000
Experienced annual salary = $97,000
Still Interested:

Yes, because the job is more what I'll like to do
in the future. But game developing is still in mind.
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