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The Benefits Of Coming to Glebelands

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Jessica Hard

on 9 February 2015

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Transcript of The Benefits Of Coming to Glebelands

The Benefits Of Coming To Glebelands
Here at Glebelands we have 6 period a day. The lessons last for 50 minutes each. On some days you will get taught all academic but on other days you will get a variety of non-academic and academic. The reason for this is that Glebelands believes that you should have a wide range of knowledge and skills, for later life. Also you will have a variety of subjects to pick from, for when you pick your GCSE in yr9.
How you can reach us.
Our website: http://www.glebelands.surrey.sch.uk/

Or Phone: 01483 542400
Glebelands has many different facilities. Such as a DT block where you can learn Graphics, Food Tech, RM and textiles. Each facility is well equipped with the aspects of what is needed in each room. It is all very easy to find. In the North block is Science, Maths, History and Geography. In South block you have English, Study Skills and the main reception. West block you have RE and Learning 4 Life. East block you have the canteen and Music. Annex you have French and IT. And finally in Practical block you have the DT rooms. Glebelands facilities are well looked after, after you are done with something you put it back where you found it and in the same condition.
Here at Glebelands all the teachers are dedicated to their job and to help you come to your full potential. They help you get ready for GCSE's in yr 11. Teachers here strive to help you, they are always there if you have a problem with the work or you need help with something. Every Teacher has a specific subject that they teach, the reason for this is that they are qualified for that certain subject. There are lots of different teachers for just 1 subject, the reason for this is so that you get different teachers approaching the way they teach in a different way.
Glebelands is a safe school were the students achieve the right levels and achieve the levels they deserve.
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