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The 13 Behaviors of High Trust

No description

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of The 13 Behaviors of High Trust

4. Right Wrongs
apologize quickly
do what it takes to restore trust
3. Create Transparency
be open and authentic
declare your intent
admit mistakes publicly
"what you see is what you get"
2. Demonstrate Respect
be genuine, show you care
respect the dignity of every person and every role
be effective not efficient with people
The 13 Behaviors of High Trust
1. Talk Straight
don't beat around the bushes
don't withhold information
avoid "spinning" or manipulating (technically telling the truth)
5. Show Loyalty
give credit to others
routinely recognize contributions
when you talk about others, check your intent

6. Deliver Results
get things done
make things happen
accomplish what you are hired to do
7. Get Better
increase your capabilities
be a constant learner
get feedback
8. Confront Reality
take tough issues head on
address tough issues directly
acknowledge the unsaid
confront issues before they become a problem
confront reality, not the person
9. Clarify Expectations
don't assume
10. Practice
hold yourself and others accountable
take responsibility for results--good or bad
avoid finger-pointing, blaming
11. Listen First
listen before you speak
don't assume you know
don't presume you have all the answers
12. Keep Commitments
say what you are going to do, then do it!
be careful about making commitments
13. Extended Trust
trust abundantly those who have earned it
lean toward trusting
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