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Word Recall

No description

Brett Rhyne

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Word Recall

Word Recall Introduction DRM Paradigm Deese (1959) Method Between subjects
201 responses - 128M, 73F
Age: 17-58
Complete counterbalancing
using birthdays Variables:
Independent - type of video shown (Semantic, Phonological Control)
Dependent - Number of recalled words
Dependent - Did the subject recall the critical lure (sleep)?
Both the semantic and the phonological list will induce significantly more false recalls than the control list
Subjects will recall significantly more words with both semantic and phonological lists than with the control list
Subjects who recall a critical lure will recall significantly more words than
those who do not Results For the semantic list (n=69), the critical lure was recalled
45% of the time.
For the phonological list (n=65), the critical lure was recalled
58% of the time
For the control list (n=68), the critical lure was not recalled a
single time.
There was no evidence, however, to support that the semantic
and phonological lists different in false recall rate (p=.119)
Recalled words:
Semantic: 7.203, 1.720 std. dev.
Phonological: 5.292, 1.748 std. dev.
Control: 5.235, 1.909 std. dev.
Subjects recalled significantly more words
with the semantic list than with either of the other
two lists (p < 0.1, p < 0.1).
There was no data to support that the amount of
words recalled differed between the phonological and
control lists (p=.858)
False recall and number of recalled words:
Looking at just the semantic and phonological lists,
since there were no critical lures recalled in the control
65 subjects with no false recall: 6.43 words, 2.19 std. dev.
69 subjects made a false recall: 6.13 words, 1.76 std. dev.
No evidence (p=.384) to support the claim that making
a false recall has an effect on the number of recalled words ball
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