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Music in the 1920s

Gatsby Project- 1920s Era: Music

Harsimran Dhillon

on 27 October 2012

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Transcript of Music in the 1920s

Music in the 1920s By: Harsimran & Sally What is music? Vocal, instrumental, or mechanical sounds having rhythm, melody or harmony. Reflects personal tastes and situations Emotional and physical affects History End of World War I until 1929- the beginning of Great Depression: "Jazz Age." Jazz popularity in America and worldwide: Early 1920s Jazz: Main influence- marching/dance bands INTRO: Most popular hits and musical bands of the 1920s 1920s Broadway 1920s were the prime years in Broadway music and theatre Musical openings and showmen impact on 1920s music industry -Several 1920s songs written by Broadway composers:
E.g. 1924 George & Ira Gershwin's "The Man I Love." 1920s black musical talent -New forms of today's music derivision -First Jazz artist given liberty for Jazz:
"Louis Satchemo Armstrong" -1920s: The best exhibit of black musical talent worldwide -Threat to old cultural values -Major factor in 1920s music Mid 1920s Jazz: -Being played everywhere: dance halls and road homes -Considered as, "the devil's music" Music technology of the 1920s Phonograph record- main way of spreading music Late 1920s- Motion pictures and new technology development Radios- a pricy privilege to inexpensive entertainment The beginning of the Great Depression: sale drop & radio growth Important people of the 1920s
music industry "Sweet Georgia Brown," "Dinah," and "Bye Bye Blackbird." Louis Satchemo Armstrong- 1st jazz artist given liberty Duke Kennedy Ellington- America's greatest music composer King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band Edward Kid Ory- 1st great jazz trombonist Bix Biederbecke- 1st great jazz trumpet player Jelly Roll Morton- 1st great jazz composer Thanks for listening 1920s music was known as the Jazz Age, the Golden 20s, or the Roaring 20s
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