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Career Shadowing

Kaylee Holland

Kaylee Holland

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadowing

Career Shadowing
6th Grade Geography Teacher
Kaylee Holland
Purpose of the Company
The purpose of this company is to teach
many kids new things. Teachers take the position
as teaching many kids how to do certain subjects, such as math, science, reading, etc. Where will this company be in 15 years?
This company will be in the same place as it is, adding on to it's newest part of the school, an Aqua Marine Center. Instead of using paper, the school will most likely be using computer programs. Crystal Lake Middle School Skills needed to become a teacher
The employability skills that a teacher would need for the jobs is:

Good Communication
Problem Solver
Able to deal with ages

A teacher would need most of these things. Passion in teaching is to inspire other kids to maybe become a teacher as well. Patience is needed to handle all kinds of kids you would face.

Average Salary, Education
The average salary of a middle school teacher would be around $35,106 - $51,403. Education needed would be to understand the subject the teacher is assigned to preform. Technology
The main technology used as a teacher would be a computer, projector, and a printer. Pursue a career with company?
I would maybe think about having this job as a career. I'm not sure at the same time, personally. Liked best about this job?
What I liked best about this job is how you get to meet so many new faces. Disliked?
What I dislike is that it is a long day to deal with, teaching and saying the same thing over again in each period.
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