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The Polar Express

No description

Hilary Whitacre

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of The Polar Express

By Chris Van Allsburg
Adapted by Hilary Whitacre The Polar Express On Christmas Eve, quite some time ago, I lay in my bed wondering whether or not Santa Claus would really be sliding down my chimney, or if my parents would be placing gifts under my tree. But, as I pondered and pondered, I heard a loud whistle outside my bedroom window. As we approached the North Pole, I couldn't help but notice the beautiful lights and glowing buildings up ahead. I was amazed. But also a bit perplexed that I was surrounded by toy factories that make every Christmas toy, but saw no elves. As I rushed down the stairs and opened the door, the whistle grew louder and louder. The conductor called, "All aboard! All aboard to the North Pole!" I gathered up my courage and hopped onto the train. The Polar Express was full of delicious treats, excited children, and lots of holiday cheer! We sang Christmas carols, passed through enchanting forests, and raced up snowy mountains to get to our destination...The North Pole. "Where are all the elves?" I asked.
"Altogether in the center of the city waiting for Santa Claus to give one of you the first gift of Christmas!" explained the conductor.
I could not contain my excitement.
Suddenly, we saw them! Hundreds of elves, all dressed in red. Not only were there reindeer, but I also spotted Santa's sleigh! There he was. Santa Claus was right there, in front of my eyes, and he was about to pick the child in which he would give the first gift of Christmas to.

The next thing I knew, I was sitting in Santa's sleigh, on his knee, answering the infamous question, "What would you like for Christmas?" I knew exactly what I wanted...a bell from Santa's sleigh. And that is exactly what I got! As I put the bell in the pocket of my robe, I watched Santa's sleigh go off into the night. As we walked back to the train after the most magical night of my life, I was surrounded by the other children who wanted to see the bell! However, as I reached inside my robe pocket, all I felt was a hole. The bell must have fallen out, and due to all my excitement, I did not even notice.

It was a long ride home because I was so upset that I had lost the first gift of Christmas. As I stepped off of the Polar Express when we arrived at my house, I thanked the conductor who let out a loud "MERRY CHRISTMAS," as I walked in the front door. The next morning, Christmas morning, I opened all of my gifts, including the most special one of all...a small box with a note from Santa himself. Inside the box was the bell! It sounded so beautiful. As the years passed, some people lost the ability to hear the bell's beautiful sound, simply because they no longer believed in the Christmas spirit. I, on the other hand, never lost the ability to believe.
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