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Geothermal and Solar Energy

Board Presentation

Jeffrey Huebner

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Geothermal and Solar Energy

Geothermal Energy History 1913 1958 The country's first large-scale geothermal electricity-generating plant begins operation. Pacific Gas and Electric operates the plant, located at The Geysers. Today, 69 generating facilities are in operation at 18 resource sites around the country. 1960 These projects are more feasible throughout a larger section of the country because they use more wide-spread, low-temperature resources. Geothermal = Geo (Earth) + Thermal (Heat)

Underutilized resource that is:
CLEAN (emits little or no greenhouse gases),
RELIABLE (average system availability of 95%); and
HOMEGROWN (making us less dependent on foreign oil) Binary power plants are the fastest growing generating technology currently with more than 350 MW of binary generation capacity in California, Hawaii, Nevada, and Utah. Location Rare More Common Flash steam power plants operate in California, Hawaii, Nevada, and Utah. Direct-Heat Uses Geothermal Power Plants U.S. Geothermal Resource Map This type of geothermal plant has superior environmental characteristics compared to the others because the hot water is never exposed to the atmosphere before it is injected back into the reservoir. Generation Cost Costs of geothermal plants are heavily weighted towards early expenses rather than fuel to keep them running. Drilling and Transmission Lines The US Department of Energy is currently funding many research projects to find ways of improving the power conversion process and has begun to invest hundreds of millions of stimulus dollars into the industry. According to U.S. figures from the Geothermal Association, the number of projects in the development stages in the United States have increased by 60% in 2009 to 144 potential power plants. If all those projects move forward in the U.S. an additional 6,400 MW of capacity would be available over the next five years. $338 Million PROJECTS FROM THE PEC REPORT-

Many projects found in the $43-$550 million range
1/3 of the projects found are in the $20-$30 million range
Geothermal tends to be a limited market
Long term or exclusive partners area not necessary
Several clients we already know
Target a small select group of developers
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