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One-day strikes "small price to pay"

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Annie Huynh

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of One-day strikes "small price to pay"

Bill 115 One-day strikes "small price to pay" How would you feel if all the things you enjoyed doing in school were gone? Most would feel disappointed, shocked or furious, some so furious that they have to go on strike in front of their OWN schools with t-shirts & picket signs! Why? Well this is all from the cause of BILL 115! These Secondary Students fear for how Bill 115 can affect their education & potentially their careers!

Also with exams & tests coming up they won't be able to get extra-curricular help academically! In addition because of Bill 115 students no longer have sports teams, field trips, clubs and for High School Seniors even Prom! But Bill 115 isn't only affecting students, its also affecting teachers, parents & schools, because teachers have lost their right to strike & they now have freezing wages & Parents now have to learn that their children won't be able to do extra-curricular activities that could affect their education!
Reflection I chose this article because, I felt that I could connect to it, also this article caught my attention and curiosity of what different opinions this article could create.

For example; many have reacted by being "shocked" or "furious" but Dalton McGuinity said "This one-day strike is a small price a pay" creating different opinions as to feeling "furious" & as to taking Bill 115 as a life lesson. On December,11,2012 many Secondary students from Earl Haig High School all gathered for a one-day strike with
t-shirts & picket signs saying "KILL BILL 115!" Opinion In my opinion, I feel that Bill 115 has & will continue to affect many in different ways causing them to react differently, but even though it has affected many I feel that Bill 115 will give others an opportunity to appreciate more of what we have then what we don't have & to think before we act! Questions! 1. Who do you think is the most affected by Bill 115 & Why?

2. Put yourself in a teachers perspective, How you would feel if you weren't able to give the basic needs to students?

3. What do you think will happen overtime if Bill 115 continues? "This one-day strike is a small price to pay"
-Dalton McGuinty
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