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U Coach U

No description

Ricardo Morales

on 28 November 2014

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Transcript of U Coach U

The Social problem
“Europe Sacrifices a Generation With 17-Year Unemployment Impasse” (Bloomberg, October, 2014).
Jobless rates in Europe
Unemployment rates, seasonally adjusted, August 2014, Eurostat
Spain unemployment is long term
“More than half of Spanish unemployment is long-term” (Wall Street Journal, October, 2014)
European youth unemployment
“Since the financial crisis hit, young Spaniards’ lives have been put on hold. Youth unemployment stands at 55 per cent – second in the EU only to Greece – and almost half of under-30s still live with their parents”. (Financial Times, May, 2014).
Our Solution
Our Goal: To develop specific and free training (both online and offline) in the skills required by the labor market for unemployed.
U Coach U
Business Model
Creating specific workshops and free training for the unemployed in the skills required by the labor market to facilitate their return to the market: Languages, IT, Marketing, Communication, Sales, Cooking, Job interviews, etc.
Developing workshops to regain their self-esteem and the attitudes necessary to cope with their situation and get out.
Making networks of professional contacts to increase their chances of employability, either employed by thirds, or self-employed or collective initiatives.
Business Model
Giving support for the most common issues that arise for these groups: information on social benefits, types of contracts, assistance to entrepreneurs, etc.
Contacting with employment agencies, business associations, public administration, to meet the needs of businesses and guide training in that direction.
Creating a stamp of Social Employment Responsibility, for enterprises, professional groups, etc.

In which way?
Creating an online platform that allows us to recruit unemployed professionals and identify the qualities of those professionals which can help their peers.
Creating Mooc specific courses for the unemployed in the skills required by companies with the participation of the unemployed professionals themselves.
Creating skills workshops, workshops to regain self-esteem, etc. replicating the online experience and developing it.

Funding needs
What the investor can expect in return?
Online Infrastructure: Contents development, Web Design, Platform development, Platform maintenance, Various costs: USD 100,000.
Offline Infrastructure: Premises, Contents development, Various costs: USD 50,000.
Wages of collaborators: 5 people/part-time job x USD 10,000 each = USD 50,000.
Legal Advisement, Consultancy, Starting Up Taxes, Various costs: USD 50,000.

Total required funding:
USD 250,000

Estimated income
20% -> Contributions from users once they have found employment: 100 users x USD 500 = USD 50,000.
35% -> Donations from NGOs involved in the project: USD 87,500.
35% -> Investment Agreements with Public Authorities and Professional Associations: USD 87,500.
10% -> Fees from our Social Employment Responsibility Stamp, for enterprises, professional groups, etc: USD 25,000.

Investors have the opportunity to become a solution in one of the biggest problem in our societies right now, creating welfare and improving economic growth. The audit of our funding and results are published and sent by e-mail each month to all of our investors.
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