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My Top 6 Posterous Pics

I've chosen these 6 as my favorites for a variety of reasons including the subject matter and how I photographed them.

Ann Perry

on 16 March 2015

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Transcript of My Top 6 Posterous Pics

My Top 6
Posterous Pics lost lake diamond dew clam digger calm seas northern lighter up close and personal: this photograph highlights how getting close can give you a very different perspective & I love how the dew drop in focus looks like it's been "photo-shopped" to sparkle it hasn't on the level: I've been working around and on boats
for a majority of my life and I had never
stopped to stoop to the level of the dock and below... what I found was an interesting composition
of busy lines and fenders complimented by
the calming reflection in the water "focus grasshopper": Or rather, lose the focus sometimes.
Here I left my daughter out of focus while
the clam was highlighted and by playing
around with the focus she becomes clam digger
of the century boring mooring plan for the unexpected this was a tough photograph for me:
there was no way to put the sun in the middle... or the boat... or the horizon in fact, I couldn't even get the
boat in full view -
it was coming at me at an odd angle but the unexpected result made for one beautiful sunset taking direction Although there were no human subjects in the picture, I did some directing as far as framing the benches with the tall dark trees and brush on the right and bottom of the picture. Allowing the light to highlight the lake with the fog and the benches reveals the scene as if coming out of the dark woods into the clearing light. up and top down For this picture I used the trial and error method (thank goodness for digital pictures) and I stood next to the mooring and held the camera over my head and took the shot vertically from the top down. I also liked the harsh rust and zebra mussels against the contrasting green grasses and occasional Queen Anne's Lace. That's all folks! by Ann Perry
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