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Traveling the Road of Life

No description

Grant Webster

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of Traveling the Road of Life

Traveling the Road of Life
Who am I?
Throughout high school, I've participated in many events:

Varsity football
Lads to Leaders
Tanzania Mission Work
Eta Sigma Alpha National Honor Society
Key Club
Hoover Church of Christ Youth Group
Working as a Server Assistant at The Melting Pot
Volunteer Work at multiple places
Thank you for considering me for the Trustee scholarship. The next four years will likely set the course for the rest of my life, and I want to spend them in a place where I can continue growing spiritually, socially, intellectually, and academically. I am convinced that Harding University offers those opportunities. I am also committed to graduating college without having accumulated significant amounts of college debt, so receiving this scholarship would make that possible.

Jeremiah 29:11 says, "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope." God knows where He wants me, and I hope that He plans to bring me to Harding.
I'm a student. I'm an athlete. I'm a son, a brother, a grandson, a nephew. I'm a speaker, a debater, and a puppeteer.

But most of all, I'm a Christian, and for me that defines everything else. I've been blessed to grow up in a Christian home from the time I was born. I gave my life to Jesus Christ when I was 14 years old and was baptized in the courtyard of a school in East Africa.

God has blessed me, and I can't wait to see where He'll take me in the next four years . . . and beyond.
Varsity Football
I had wanted to play football since I was a small child, and in the eighth grade I began playing for Evangel Christian School. I played JV my first year, both JV and Varsity my ninth grade year, then Varsity in my last three years of high school.
8th Grade JV
12th Grade Varsity
In the Conference Championship Game of my senior year, I scored three touchdowns in the last few minutes of the game, and we won. This video shows one of them:
In my freshman and sophomore seasons, I played both tight end and linebacker. Then, in my junior and senior years, I played fullback and linebacker. In my last three years, I was chosen as All-Conference Linebacker and placed on the All-Tournament Team. After the Conference Championship Game of my senior year, I was named the ACSC Conference Championship Most Valuable Player and later named the NHFCS Division 2 Player of the Week. At the beginning of my senior season, I was named a team captain for the year. Throughout my high school career, I had 324 tackles, seven interceptions, 982 all purpose yards, and 16 touchdowns.
Our team struggled during the first year that I played, finishing 3-3-1, but during the game we finished by tying a team that had beaten us by nearly 60 points earlier in the season. The next year--my ninth grade season--we improved dramatically, finishing 8-0. The next year, when the rest of my teammates joined me on the Varsity squad, we surged to a 10-2 season. We finished 9-3 during my Junior year, winning third place in our league.

Finally, my senior year came. My teammates and I had two goals--to glorify God and win the state championship. We did. After a 10-0 season, we won the championship game against our cross-town arch-rival.

I learned so many lessons during my five years of football that will serve me well for the rest of my life. I learned to work hard, to work side-by-side with my peers, and to lead others to accomplish great things. I will use those lessons in college and beyond.
Receiving my MVP award
For the past five years, I have been blessed to go on mission trips to Arusha, Tanzania, with my church. Over the course of these trips, I have grown exponentially. After my first year I led several one-on-one Bible studies each year. In my fourth year, I worked independently throughout each day and taught the Sunday morning Bible class on our last Sunday in the country. I was assigned a translator, and he and I would work our way through the villages teaching as many people about Jesus as we could. God even gave me the opportunity lead several people to salvation in Christ!
I am passionate about Missions, and I hope the Lord gives me many opportunities in my life to show His love to people in various parts of the world. Nothing thrills me more than having someone come up to me and ask to study the Bible--something that rarely happens in America. In Africa, many people have a zeal to learn more about God, but they don't have anyone to teach them the gospel. I believe we need more people to go to foreign countries and show them Jesus Christ. The Bible calls us to reach these people, and I have a place in my heart for the people of Tanzania.
At our VBS
Twice in Africa we have held a Vacation Bible School over the course of four days. At the beginning of each VBS, a few dozen kids attend, but more and more kids come as the week progresses. There are usually a couple hundred kids on the last day. The picture below is on the first day of a VBS--the crowd had quadrupled (or more!) by the end of the week!
Lads to Leaders
Lads to Leaders is a leadership training program that trains young people to be better leaders in the world and in the church. Around 15,000 attend the Convention each Easter, and kids participate in various events: speech, debate, puppets, art, song leading, mass media, and more.
I have been involved with Lads to Leaders my entire life, and it has helped me tremendously. At the convention, I participated in Speech from seventh to tenth grade. In eighth grade, I won first place, so the next year I moved to Winner's Circle, where I competed against other first-place winners. In that competition I placed second. In eleventh and twelfth grades I switched to debate instead to learn better how to think critically and speak extemporaneously. Debate and speech have greatly increased my abilities and confidence while speaking.

I have also participated in Bible Bowl for the last eight years. In this event, students thoroughly study one book of the Bible. Throughout the years, I have completed the books of Genesis, Proverbs, Acts, John, James, 1 and 2 Timothy, and more. All these events have truly helped me become a better disciple of and leader for Christ.
Eta Sigma Alpha National Honor Society
In eleventh grade, I was inducted into the National Honor Society, a prestigious organization that rewards academic achievement.
I helped welcome the incoming members at this year's tapping ceremony.
Key Club
In Key Club, we focused on serving our community. Our activities have included visiting the Veteran's Hospital to pass out water and crackers, and setting up, serving, and cleaning up at different functions for our school.
I have also participated in Good Samaritan, which encourages youth to learn to follow Jesus' example in serving others. There are different levels in this event: bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. For the past five years, I have achieved the gold award. I also have participated in Puppet Theater for the last eight years. I have learned how to use creativity to share Bible stories with children.
The Melting Pot
Since 2012 I have worked at The Melting Pot, an upscale fondue restaurant in Birmingham, Alabama. I am a Serving Assistant, and I help the servers meet the needs of our customers by bringing food and drinks to the tables and cleaning tables for incoming guests. My work is often quite hectic on the weekends when it gets extremely busy. Just for fun, I started using a pedometer, and I realized I was averaging 5-7 miles of walking each night. While working here, I have clocked around 650 hours. It has been a great job that has helped me learn the importance of hard work and also how to work with people.
The Youth Group
My Youth Group at the Hoover Church of Christ has been one of my main focal points throughout my entire life. After entering in the sixth grade, I have spent a huge portion of my life participating in events with them. Our activities have included service projects, devotionals, retreats, summer camp, movies, Six Flags, and so many other spiritual, service, and fun events. These are my closest friends.
Backwoods Christian Camp is a week-long camp that I've been attending since the second grade. This camp has been a major source of spiritual growth for me. We are constantly studying the Bible and growing. Last year, I won the "Mr. BCC" award, which is voted on by everyone at camp. People vote
based on who showed the most Christ-like attitude throughout the week.
Many of my friends from the Youth Group come to Tanzania on the mission trip. This is a picture of several members of of our Youth Group in front of the Arusha Church of Christ in
At our youth retreats, we grow spiritually and relationally. At one of our retreats, we were excited to have beaten the adult men in a game of basketball.
At our retreats, we enjoy many periods of singing and studying. This is one of our classes.
This group has been a significant source of spiritual growth for me. When everyone is trying to grow closer to God, it provides an environment that is conducive for spiritual growth. Throughout my years in the Youth Group, I have developed close relationships with others and have grown as a leader.
32 composite ACT score
3.98 unweighted GPA
Completed multiple Honors classes, including AP World History, AP Art History, AP Calculus, Honors British Literature, and Honors Chemistry
Attended a private Christian co-op
Inducted into the National Honor Society
Throughout High School, I've participated in many volunteer events, accumulating over 360 hours of service. Below are examples of activities we've worked on.
After tornadoes devastated our area in April of 2011, I went with my church to help.
On each trip to Tanzania, we have worked in service projects: visiting children's homes, distributing mosquito nets, etc.
I've also volunteered for Backwoods Christian Camp on different occasions to help maintain the campgrounds. We also worked concessions at an Alabama college football game to raise money for the camp.
My team after winning our championship.
Receiving the All-Tournament award
My coach and I holding the Conference Championship trophy.
The certificate for the Player of the Week
Running the ball in the championship game.
On stage receiving first place in Bible Bowl
My brother and I are preparing to debate.
At the induction ceremony
Receiving my certificate from Bill Snuggs, Administrator of Evangel Christian School
Resetting a table and preparing for the next guests.
Every year, my church organizes a Vacation Bible School. Each time, we spend about a week putting it together, spending all day every day getting ready. In this picture, I am dressed and ready to act in a skit.
I taught the Sunday morning Bible class at the congregation that my home church established (click the Play button).
Tanzania, East Africa.
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