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Technology of the Future

This prezi will tell us more about some of the possible technology we will see in the future.

Jacky Lin

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Technology of the Future

TECHNOLOGY in the FUTURE Robots Communication and transportation "Smart" computers It is possible later that robots will take a human form and can help with housework.
Even though this is not very useful, it is exciting. Phone could be automatic and the phone would know to delete certain messages etc. Doctors replaced You will be able to go on the web and get your medicine without going to the hospital to see the doctor. Surgeries will be performed with robotic arms and artificial limbs will be nearly as efficient as real ones. All calls can be made into a video call and you will know the identity of the caller immediately. You can just talk to the computer! More vehicles will be moving in air! Shoes can be made to help you walk. Computers will "learn" how you use the computer and can automatically change to your habit. Lots more medicine will be invented and provided at more affordable prices. A peek at the possible technology we will have in the future. On-water transportation will be much more efficient, less sea-sickness and better conditions. Planes that don't emit carbon dioxide, private mini-planes that could be driven around like cars now. Thank you!! =]
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