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Skeletal System

No description

John Lui

on 10 May 2017

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Transcript of Skeletal System

Skeletal System
206 Total Bones
in an adult
Fast Facts
Produces Blood cells
Support and protect the body
The names of the bones
Helpful with the homework
The joints of bones
Ball & Socket
Connective Tissue
Tendons connect bone to muscle
Ligaments connect
bone to bone
Cartlidge padding between bones
Bone Tissue
Red Bone Marrow produces blood cells
Yellow Bone Marrow stores fat cells
Compact bone tissue forms
the hard exterior
Spongy bone tissue
fills the interior
Bone Types
Long bone - movement
example femur
Irregular Bone - funny shaped example vertebrae
Flat bone - protection
example sternum
Short bone -stability
example wrist /carpals
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