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Uluru National Park

No description

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of Uluru National Park

Uluru National Park
by Ashley Bathurst
Australian citizens
Tourists would have a aesthetic value to Uluru because they wouldn't have seen something like it before so they might think its unique and beautiful. This would also be an economic value as the tourists would need to pay for the tour for Uluru.
Uluru's tourists
The Aboriginals (Yankunytjatjara and pitjantjatjara people) would have a spiritual and cultural relationship to Uluru because of the dream time stories that would have been told to them by their ancestors. They would also have an economic value, for selling their traditional artwork.
Uluru's indigenous
The aboriginals continuously lease the land to the Federal Government, and the Government uses it for economical values and a little bit of cultural value. They use it economically by getting more and more tourists to sight see and as hospitality which leads to more money for them. the cultural point would be how they recognize Indigenous people's relationship and connection to the land. And practice their behavior.
Federal Government
Uluru's values
Uluru has many values, such as:
- Indigenous
- Tourists
- Australian citizens
- Federal government
- private operators
Australian citizens might know about Uluru's history, but they wont know about the Aboriginals point of view and pay to learn more about it. This would be economical. Some Australians will aesthetically look at Uluru and just think it's beautiful.
Private operators
The private operators would use Uluru economically as they would be paid to transport, provide safaris/ tours, and to have reasonable hospitality.
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