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Edgar Degas

Art History 30-1

Emilija Angelovska

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of Edgar Degas

Edgar Degas Mr. Hilaire Germain Edgar Degas;
19 July 1834- 27 September 1917
French artist
Style: impressionism; realism
famous for his painting, sculpture, printmaking, drawing (mostly pastel)
had no formal pupils; but influenced Jean-Louis Forain, Mary Cassatt and Walter Sickert. Three Ballet Dancers, One with Dark Crimson Waist
Year: 1899
Media: pastel

Achille De Gas In The Uniform Of A Cadet
Year: 1857
Media: oil Little Dancer of Fourteen Years
After the Bath, Woman Drying Herself I
Year: 1890-1895
Media: pastel
Self-Portrait in a Soft Hat
Year: 1857-1858
Media: oil
The Star
Year: 1876-77
Media: oil
Location: Musée D'Orsay, Paris, France
Two Dancers on a Stage, c.1874
Media: oil
The Ballet Master
media: pastel Three Dancers with Hair in Braids
Year: 1900
Media: pastel and charcoal father expected Edgar to go to law school
Edgar enrolled in Faculty of Law of University of Paris
He didn't put in effort in his studies
By 18 Edgar had a room in the house turned into an artist's studio
He met Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres; influencing Degas' style
Got addmission to Ecole des Beaux- Arts
Studied drawing with Louis Lamothe Degas traveled to Italy
Painting copies after Michelangelo, Raphael, Titian
Accomplished in techniques of high, academic and classical art
Enthusiastic copyist; coping paintings at Louvre When visiting a friend he made first study of horses
Paintings started getting exhibited at the Salon
Commitment to contemporary subject matter was starting to show
Influenced by Edouard Manet 1870- enlisted in National Guard
Little time left for painting
After war he stayed with family; New Orleans, Louisiana
Started painting family members
Returned to Paris in 1873
Father died; brother in debt
Degas had to sell property and collection of art; dependent on sales of his artwork In the 1800's Degas was passionate about photography
Started taking photos of family and dancers using them for reference when painting Never married
Spent his last years nearly blind and wandering the streets of Paris not happy with the Salon
Degas joined forced with a group of Impressionist painters
not liking the thirst for publicity and uproar created in the Art scene
group disbanded in 1886 Finances started improving from sales of artwork
Indulged in buying artwork from El Greco, Manet, Pissarro, Cezanne, Gauguin, Van Gogh, Ingres, Delacroix, Daumier
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