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Failure is not an option: Six principles that guide student achievement in high-performing schools

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Shelisha Robinson

on 16 July 2010

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Transcript of Failure is not an option: Six principles that guide student achievement in high-performing schools

Shelisha C. Robinson
CUR 834 Principle 1:
Mission, vision, and goals Principle 3:
Collaborative teams focused on instruction Principle 4:
Make data driven decisions Principle 5:
Gain active engagement from
family and community Principle 6:
Build sustainable leadership Principle 2:
Ensure achievement
for all students Effective mission statements...
1. Are clear
2. Are specific
3. Are measurable
4. Provide for failure Schools that succeed with the toughest students develop:
1. Beliefs
2. Behavior
3. Intervention systems Increase team collaboration by implementing
1. Professional practice forums
2. Classroom observations
3. Curriculum planning
4. Interdisciplinary teams Two important questions to address.

What data should be collected?
How should data be used? Schools that have become true learning communities
addressed the school/community gap by:
1. Building empathy
2. Family involvement
3. Reaching out to families and the community Leaders who "begin with their core" are able to create organizations
with a greater purpose and survive after the leader's departure. With
this type of leadership, responsibility shifts from one or two people to
the enitre learning community.
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