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Sun-young Kim

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of 연구수업



go against

a situation that makes it difficult for you
to do or achieve something
having the qualities or appearance considered to be typical of men
someone who respects a famous person,
especially because they like their work
easy to see or understand

to attract and hold
to put somebody or something in a place or situation
where they are not protected from something
harmful or unpleasant
a fixed idea or image that many people have of a particular type of person or thing
an unreasonable dislike of or preference for certain people or things over others
to oppose, to be in conflict with

to succeed in dealing with or controlling a problem
that prevents you from achieving something Q) Check T if the sentence is true or F if it is false. 1. Billy was an eleven-year-old boy who lived in England. 2. Billy's father wanted his son to become a football player. 3. Billy didn't have any traditional stereotypes about boys and girls. 4. Billy didn't tell his father about ballet lesson. 1. How old is he? 2. Where did he live?
3. What kind of sports name
were mentioned? 4. Who did teach ballet to billy? 1. He is 11 years-old. 2. He lived in Englsnd. 3. Boxing and ballet are mentioned. 4. Mrs.Wilkinson taught Billy ballet. 3. What did Billy's father want to Billy? 4. How could Billy become interested in
the ballet classes? 5. Why did Billy feel uncomfortable
about ballet at first? 6. What kind of stereotypes was Billy exposed? 7. Why did Mrs. Wilkinson begin
to teach ballet to Billy? 8. What was Billy's secret? 9. Why it was hard for Billy's father
to accept his son's interest in ballet? 1. There are four people in his family
- father, elder brother, grandmother and himself. 2.He is the boxing champion. 3. He hoped that his son would become
a champion boxer like Ken Buchanan. 4. Billy thought ballet is graceful,
structured movement. 5. Because he thought it was just for girls.
6. Boys should wear blue and play with trucks,
and girls should wear pink and play with dolls. 7. Because she saw that Billy had
real potential to be a great ballet dancer. 8. He didn't tell his father about ballet lessons. 9. Because he had been taught that dancing was a femail pursuit and that boys should learn only "manly" sports.
1. How many people in Billy's family? 2. Who is Ken Buchanan? <Objectives>

1. We are able to guess the topic
by watching a video.

2. We are able to find out
specific information in the main text.

3. We are able to get to know
new words and expressions. 1. What was she doing?

2. What comes to your mind when you see a ballet performance?
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