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Cloud Computing

Group project presentation of Cloud Computing.

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Transcript of Cloud Computing

LIS-3003-995 Object Oriented Info Systems
Team 3: Elizabeth Duke, Tamra Belyeu, Andrew Cao and Quinton Parker
Instructor: Jason McDaniel
Spring Semester Now that the cloud has been explained let's discuss services that categorize cloud computing..... What is Cloud Computing? Presented by.... All of these services present and categorize cloud computing. Three main services that best categorize cloud computing are... SaaS PaaS IaaS Software as a Service Platform as a Service Infrastructure as a Service Provisioning a full hardware architecture and software framework to allow applications to run is the essence of Platform-as-a-Service (McKay, 2011). Works Cited
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Nguyen, Anh. "Cloud computing helps Hasbro monopolise the world - ComputerworldUK.com." Computerworld UK - The latest IT news, in depth analysis, blogs and IT jobs for IT managers in the UK - ComputerworldUK.com. N.p., n.d. Web. 1 May 2011. <http://www.computerworlduk.com/in-depth/cloud-computing/3249583/cloud-computing-helps-hasbro-monopolise-the-world/>. Meaning, PaaS provides a place for creating
new online applications or their own
cloud applications. Windows' Azure Platform is a good example of
a PaaS. It allows users to develope and run windows
applications for Microsoft cloud computing. Advantages
Can create online applications quickly for a low cost.
Applications can be used privately or publicly.

Limits creators to only provider languages and tools.
May not be able to move developed applications to other cloud platforms. With IaaS, businesses or users are able to run existing applications on a cloud provider's hardware. Users can run any application on any cloud hardware of their choice. So, what does that all mean? Well, it means that existing applications can be moved from a company's data server to a an IaaS provider that way they can save money that would have been spent on information technologies. How do these services illustrate object-oriented characteristics? They all observe the characteristic of an identity. For example... PaaS observes the characteristic of encapsulation. For example... They all observe the characteristic of polymorphism.
For example... They all observe the characteristic of inheritance. For example... Advantages
SaaS is free or it can be paid through usage fees.
Is accessible anywhere by computer.
Makes it easy for multiple individuals to work together.

General applications are not always appropriate for business use.

Out of the three services software as a service is the easiest way to cloud compute. Google Docs is a great example of SaaS. Applications such as Google Docs can provide online word processors, spreadsheets or even presentation packages for office or school use. According to Dimitri McKay, "Software-as-a-Service (which I’ll refer to simply as SaaS) is the process of provisioning commercially available software but giving access over the net (2011). In other words, software as a service is a service that businesses can use over the internet that does not require their company to install software onto their server. Businesses can open accounts with SaaS providers and instead of paying a large sum up front, they can pay a monthly subscription or usage fee. How is the Cloud object orienated? Reduce Costs
•Lowers total cost of ownership
•Reduces IT hardware, software, and/or service costs
•Reduces data center facility costs Improves Agility and Reliability
•Enables faster time to market
•Improves availability and scalability
•Improves disaster recovery and data backup The cloud helps businesses
stay on task by simplifiying and providing exactly what the company needs without alot of extras that are added. Target has started using the cloud and when fully deployed, Target will have 15,000 virtual machines in more than 1,750 stores with only two physical servers running their mission-critical store applications.
“It reduces our operating expense by millions of dollars a year through power savings, break/fix maintenance savings, and avoided capital refresh."
— Brad Thompson,
Director - Infrastructure Engineering, Target
Cloud computing also offers an onramp to new
computing advances such as non-relational
databases, new languages, and frameworks
that are designed to encourage scalability
and take advantage of new innovations
such as modern Web identity, open supply
chains, and other advances.
Another company that has found
cloud computing beneficial is Hasbro
“We spent a lot of time optimising throughout the project, and with cloud, we were able to expand on the fly, without having [to stop the game] to do maintenance.”

Nick Barron, sales director at Carrenza, added: “Cloud computing enabled the ability to scale up [during the game life] and down [towards the end]. We didn’t have to spend money where we didn’t have to, for example, on buying hardware.”
Cloud Computing makes it possible for different companies to use it how they need it is object orienated to the company You need to decide whether or not your business needs to use cloud computing. Sometimes you need to focus more on the fundamental aspects of starting or running a small to mid-size business rather than having to upgrade or fix computers on a regular basis. So, if you lack the IT department in your business, it may be best if you just outsource this part of the pie.

Next you need to determine what type of cloud computing you your specific company would utilize. Whether it be IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS, that is up to you to determine what your needs are. According to Ralph Presciutti, a partner in technology at Tatum, you should start by doing a workload analysis. “How much computing power do you really need?” Despite the actual size of your infrastructure, the national average is two to 12 percent of all computer resources are utilized.

What to look for in a cloud computing vendor. When looking into cloud computing there are a few things you should consider before selecting a vendor. The product, the provider, and the transition. You should ask yourself is the product easy to use? Does it satisfy our needs? Is the provider a stable company that we can rely on? Are their current customers happy with their services? And is the transition something that will be accomplished during your timetable? Do you fully understand what is involved in the transition process and the possible interruptions that might occur? So, assemble a list of vendors, gather information from magazines, newspapers, and, best of all, get a list of referrals from other businesses or industry groups. Once you have your list of vendors, begin to answer some fundamental questions with availability, security, performance, and customer service.

Evaluations Criterian for cloud
based solution offerings Welcome to Cloud Computing Encapsulation involves restricting access to data.
It also means viewers or users are not able
to know how certain behaviors happen. Paas's has disadvantages where users are unable to move developed applications to other cloud platforms and is limited to provider languages and tools. Not only that, but PaaS can be used publicly or privately. SaaS, paas, and iaas all relate to one another because they all fit into the cloud structure, but they are all different in that they all have unique attributes. Inheritance describes objects that are related to other objects. Polymorphism means that objects have inherited similar attributes, such as the name, but they have changed methods.
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