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The Ordovician Period

No description

Richard Li

on 17 October 2014

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Transcript of The Ordovician Period

Join us, and see for yourself the time in between dinosaurs and the beginning of time!!!
"Ordovician Period." Ordovician Period. Web. 19 Apr. 2014.
The Ordovician Period: Paradise From Long Ago
Critters. Critters everywhere!
While trekking through the Ordovician Period, you might find some... interesting things.

Jawless fish traveled the ocean, for one. They had circular mouths, and looked much like the organism on the right.
Grapolites also lived throughout the Ordovician Period, as well as bryozoans.

At the end of the Ordovician Period, something really special happened.That special thing happened to be an Ice Age. It caused a mass extinction, so you might want to visit that as well. It sure would be fun! Just make sure to bring warmer coats along with you!
*Note* We are not responsible for any casualties, including drowning, food poisoning, suffocating, gear malfunction, etc. This includes freezing due to the ice age that happened at the end of the Ordovician. Bring some warm coats- I know, climate CHANGES !
Dive back in history... literally.
Have you ever wondered what happened between the beginning of earth and the dinosaurs?

Go back in time with the ARA Travel Agency and see for yourself when "Earth" was simply two huge landmasses that constructed our "ground", and ocean covered the majority of the world.

It'll be an adventure to remember!

The Ordovician period has a very warm and wet climate, much like a rainforest. Prepare for some HOT, HOT, SUN!!

What to do:
Time of Your Life!
This is a deal you can't just give up. With our new, most advanced time traveler, we can send you eons back into the past for just $499.99.

We also have additional items that we will include, such as FREE Ordovician Sunblock made just for the hot sun of the past; local meals such as raw nautilus or historic seaweed; AND a souvenir to show off to your friends.

If you want to bring friends or family to also enjoy this once in a lifetime trip, just know that additional members will cost $300 each. Also, our first 500 customers will receive a 20% discount on the tickets! What a GREAT deal!

Are You Ready to Dive?
Safety first! On this particular trip, you will need some important items to be able to enjoy this place fully.

You'll need some sunblock, cool t-shirts, shorts, a tent, and lots of water bottles for basic needs. The land is very primitive, and only has vegetation living near the coasts, so you won't have to worry about pesky mosquitoes that bother us in the present time. However, watch out for rising sea levels. Though it's dangerous, it'll make for some great surfing!

Remember, water covered most of the Earth, so bring items that will enhance the experience of enjoying the ocean, such as scuba gear, to explore the deep ocean abyss where life thrived.
Richard Li, Arlene Chen, Aimee Zheng
3rd Hour

The Earth back then looked much like this. We will give you a map like this during the trip so you don't get confused. The super continent Gondwana covered where the South Pole lies today, and the super continent of Laurentia was seperated from Gondwana by the Iapetus Sea.
Nautilus, like the one in the picture above, was a dominant species during this time. Maybe you'll see one on your adventure!
This is what some people that got a sneak peek said about the Ordovician Period!
"It's like a resort! I love it! The only problem is the humidity of this place, but that was forgotten when I saw a nautilus in the ocean! " -Ahri Dhester
"The scuba-diving and zip lining was so fun! The expenses were totally worth it!" - Teemo "Swift Scout" Huteraser
"I will definitely pay $499 to go here again! It was SO FUN!" -Swain "Raven" Lester
Swim in pollution-free oceans
Enjoy primitive life
Take selfies with marine life:
"Wow... Just... WOW!" - Heimer "Flash Grenade" Dinger.
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Image Credit: Google Images
(The organism on the right is a bryozoan)
To learn more, go to ourordovicianlife.com or call 248-809-2030
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