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MS EngageNY Interactive Notebooks

No description

Terrie McCormick

on 11 August 2018

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Transcript of MS EngageNY Interactive Notebooks

Most common supplies needed for INB:
~Composition NB
~Tape! Lots of Tape!
~Colored Pencils
~Colored Paper
~Sticky Notes
~Today's notebook is for modeling with students how to set up and use an Interactive Notebook!!
Purpose for INB
Setting up your INB
~Table of Contents
~Number pages
~Internet Resource list or Nuggets of Knowledge
~Adult Input Page
~Module 1 Learning Targets
Left Page? Right Page?
Right Pages
**Cornell notes**
~take notes
~structured notes
~create study questions
~Level 1, 2, 3
Setting up your INB
Interactive Notebooks

~Decorate front
Sketch a picture of a hobby
College or career plan
Education motto
Sections by Unit
Must haves in each "Unit"
(left page ideas)
~Learning targets with Rubrics
~Opportunity for students to track quiz scores
~Entry Boxes & practice problems
~Predictions & student thinking
~Graphic Organizers
~Special Assignments
~Unit Reflection & Goal setting
Special Assignment Ideas (Left Page)
Partner Activity
*Look through stack of activity cards.
*Now choose one
~Think about how you might specifically use this activity for student learning and engagement.
~jot your idea down on a fresh left page & tape activity card to the page
*Share your idea with your table!
*Share out activities & ideas!
(& anything else you can think of) put into a single notebook!!
--learning targets
--notes & entry tasks
--reflections & goals
--special assignments
Left Pages

~Students process learning here
~use color
~use sketches & pictures
~use writing
Cornell Notes (Right Page)
Notes, Vocabulary, Examples, formulas, illustrations, structured sentences . . .
For students to create study questions. Questions can be level 1, 2, or 3 questions depending on level of difficulty.
Notes often start out structured and over time become less structured & more student choice. Teachers can help students learn to take good notes by modeling in their own notebooks.
Summarize the days notes by circling 5 important words & then create a 2 to 3 sentence summary using the 5 words.
Essential Question (Learning objective)
Foldable Fun!!
The Square
The Book
Mini Doors
Long Doors
**Keep your foldable safe inside your INB by stapling a strip and "hooking" it inside!!
So What?
Student buy in...
~If you get excited, they get excited!
~Use it for as many things as possible!
~Allow use on quizzes or tests.
~Build a resource for later use.
Grading notebooks...
~Create a rubric for self grading
~Have parents grade using rubric
~Use stamps when page is complete
~Have a notebook quiz
Keep in the classroom or not?
What if they lose it?
What if I'm absent or didn't get the notes?
Reflections & Goals
~Did I meet today's learning targets?
~Self score 1 to 4
1 being no idea & 4 being completely confident!
A_____ B_____ C_____
~What questions or concerns do I still have about INB's & their implementation?
~Write a goal for 1 thing you learned today that you plan to incorporate in your classroom.
~Write an action statement about how specifically you plan to implement your goal & how you know you meet that goal.
Other ideas for student INB:
~personal photos
~favorite stickers
~personal art work
**For in depth training on Cornell Notes ask about in building training.
(Part 1)
Objective--plan Module 1 using this mornings INB strategies

As we work in grade-level teams consider the
following items in your planning:
Afternoon Outcomes
~Review online resources
~What are the Module standards?
~How can we incorporate
Cornell notes? Graphic organizers?
Foldables? Special assignments?
~Which components of each lesson should be used?
Review Online Resources
~All students have the Resource Math class in BB with videos & I can statements.
(Teachers wishing to have an individual class shell will need to request one.)

~Secondary Math 2015-2016
Click on your math course
Course Overview Calendar
Module Program Guides
Additional Resources
Interactive Notebook Resources
SBAC resources
Interactive Notebook & Engage NY Training
Be seated at a table of your choice.

Entry Task
Discuss with a table partner the following items:
What are you hoping to gain from this training? (Please write on sticky note)
What is your background knowledge about implementing interactive notebooks & the Engage NY curriculum?
Today’s Targets
A) I know how to build & incorporate an Interactive Notebook to help students process & master concepts.

B) I can use a variety of resources throughout the Engage NY curriculum to facilitate & enhance student engagement & mastery of learning standards.

C) I can evaluate each lesson to determine which pieces are needed & those that can be discarded.
Sticky Note Exchange
Think Time
~Take 2 minutes to think about the variety of ideas & strategies presented.
~Now think of your own twist, modified strategy, or original task to use in your classroom.
Sticky Note Exchange
~Write your idea 4 times on 4 separate sticky notes
~Place one of your sticky notes on a fresh left page
~Now trade the 3 remaining sticky notes as you share your idea, add these new stickies to your left page
Welcome Back!
Interactive Notebook & Engage NY Math Training
Be seated at a table with your grade-level.
Entry Task
Discuss with your table partner the following items:
What was your favorite take-away from the first half of this training?
Do you have any clarifying questions from the first half of today’s training?
--graphic organizers
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