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CGG 301 - The Five Factors Affecting Tourism

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Vanessa Coutu

on 17 February 2013

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Transcript of CGG 301 - The Five Factors Affecting Tourism

Technological Transportation has improved travel – faster, safer, cleaner (air, rail, bus, etc.)
Technology -- Access to information on what is available for people allows the public to be more aware of their options (instantly on the internet)
At times removing travel agent from the equation Economic When economic times are positive – people travel more for pleasure/more business travel
People have more discretionary income: the money left over after taxes and basic living expenses / therefore people have more ‘fun’ money for trips etc.
Travel costs have not skyrocketed in comparison to some things
Tours and package deals geared toward all levels of income are available (budget to 5 star traveller) Political People tend to stay away from travelling to war-torn countries
Political unrest tends to make people feel uneasy
Strict access rules keep people from travelling freely (ie. Americans to Cuba) Demographic The study of population; numbers, distributions, trends and issues
See fig. 1.14 & 1.15 (p.15 – text) population change by Age Group/Demographic trends
Our population is aging / more single adults / more paid vacation time etc… E.g., More packages
for older adults (bus tours) …no single
supplements for lone travellers… Culture The history of a country attracts people
Places like Greece, Egypt, and Mexico where ancient civilizations existed
People want to experience this
Other places of cultural (religious) significance – Mecca, Vatican City, Jerusalem, etc Travel & Tourism GCC 3O1 The Five Factors Affecting Tourism
(FFAT) 1. Economic Factor
2. Political Factors
3. Technological Factors
4. Demographic Factors
5. Cultural Factors
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