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Best Practices

No description

J. Murphy

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Best Practices

Presented by: Dr. Kimberly Greene & Dr. Jennifer Murphy, Brandman University Best Practices:
iDEAL Assessment for Design & Instruction iDeal instructional Design for Engaged Adult Learners Learning-centered rather than teacher-centered.
Using technology to enhance and activate the learning experience.
Combining synchronous and asynchronous instructional opportunities with independent and collaborative online learning. What is the DEAL? Summary: Dependency Self-directedness
Motivation is Internal iDeal & the Adult Learner: Bloom's Revised Taxonomy Quality (does) Matter. What necessitated the creation of the iQ Tool? Overview Faculty Centered
Design Philosophy
Peer Review Process
Continuous Improvement
Quality Assurance
Rubric for Online & Blended Courses
Used in nearly 500 universities, K-12 & other academic institutions. How/why did Brandman choose QM? Implementation Build NEW courses with QM. Refine OLD courses with QM. How do Course Custodians & Developers work with the Instructional Designer? The Rubric 1. Course Overview and Introduction
2. Learning Objectives (Competencies)
3. Assessment and Measurement
4. Instructional Materials
5. Learner Interaction and Engagement
6. Course Technology
7. Learner Support
8. Accessibility TOOL Transparent Continuous Improvement Assessment that Informs Development Unbiased, shared language, ongoing "conversations." You've got QUESTIONS, we've got ANSWERS! Murphy Auntie Extraordinaire Instructional Designer for School of Business and Professional Studies Doctorate in Educational Technology & Leadership, Pepperdine University English, Drama, Journalism, Principal, Executive Director, Educational Consultant. services to youth that are in gangs in Los Angeles. Currently working on a team that provides I do Crossfit, teach cooking classes, read as much as possible and spend time with the people I love! Free time: Outside the Office: History: Education: Kimberly Director, The Center for Instructional Innovation Free time: Outside the Office: History: Education: Doctorate in Educational Technology & Leadership, Pepperdine University K-12 teacher, Dir of Ed for Milken's Knowledge Kids Network, Created "Afghan Family Health Book", Assoc. Prof of Ed for BU's SOE Author: "My Sister's A Pop Star", "The Fame Game and Me", & "My Life on TV" ????? Mom to Mr. Drama kgreene@brandman.edu jmurphy@brandman.edu Remembering Understanding Applying Analyzing Evaluating designing, constructing, planning, producing, inventing, devising, making interpreting, summarizing, inferring, paraphrasing, classifying, comparing, explaining, exemplifying implementing, carrying out, using, executing comparing, organizing, deconstructing, attributing, outlining, finding, structuring, integrating recognizing, listing, describing, identifying, retrieving, naming, locating, finding checking, hypothesizing, critiquing, experimenting, judging, testing, detecting, monitoring Creating
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