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From Ash Cloud to Hashtag

Presentation for Online Educa Berlin 2010

Annette Q Pedersen

on 2 December 2010

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Transcript of From Ash Cloud to Hashtag

From Ash Cloud to #Hashtag Online Educa Berlin 2010 Copenhagen, Denmark
wed. 19. to fri 21. of April 2010.
135 to 150 participants,
104 papers in 14 sessions. A message from the hosts:
Marie-Louise Nosch & Robert Laffineur CC: Some rights reserved by NASA Goddard Photo and Video One very busy Tuesday... CTR & ITMEDIA* have a meeting (Tuesday afternoon)
We advice them to go with:

And we all get busy:
Introduction video is filmed and posted online
E-mail for participants with a link to the video
Livestreams are set up
& reprogramming done to deal with 2 simultaneous livestreams
Backchannel system (Cover It Live) set up
Guide for using the conference backchannel is made
...And wednesday at noon, we go live! * Who happens to be in a bit of a tight spot themselves...
Out of the seven people in the department:
2 of the video/stream-experts are stuck in Chicago.
And the local social media guru is "ashed in" in Corsica. ** Oh yeah, and we happen to be streaming 2 other events that week:
Tuesday: a half-day conference on videostreaming, we're hosting
Thursday: The UCLE conference, which we are co-organizing A livestream - for broadcasting the papers
A backchannel chat system - for debate The Setup And a projection in the CTR-lunch room Stats 1706 unique hits
3229 page views Pros: - Accessibility (location + participation)
- Reaching a much wider audience
- Conference prolonged: 4 days vs 3 days planned

Enriched content:
Presenters interacting with audience on the chat
Audience sharing knowledge, links and references

Necessity is the mother of invention!
- and tech-obstacles shall thus be overcome...
Audience helping each other out with tech-support,
And reporting sound problems back to control room. Cons? Well let's look at another example: UCLE conference: University of Copenhagen Learning Environments
- 100 participants
- IT/tech-related content
- Google representative presenting through Skype from the UK
- Same guidance / introduction material
- Livestreaming & backchannel was advertised well ahead of time

...we had around 62 comments in the chat by 16 people How to promote succes: Market your event well ahead of time
Have a placeholder on the stream webpage
- An introduction - and/or a test stream
Help people: Beginner's guide to using a backchannel
...A couple of enthusiastic users to lead the way
Must offer added value!
Try to include the informal parts of the conference too
Offline bad behavior can be good behavior online! The Kosmos Succes Story: A well-established research community
Well above the tipping point of more people online, than present
They had no choice! (Added value was not in question!)
...and we forced the participants in Copenhagen to participate in the chat! ...the whole story?! 1) Identify yourself (name, twitterhandle or FB-login)
2) Join the debate:
a) Say something
b) Keep it brief...
3) Use @ to address others: @Jane - Nice talk!

See the slightly longer version here: http://itmedia.hum.ku.dk/podcast/backchannel/ Online conferences can't replace all the traditional live events... It's not a substitution, it's a very nice addition to the repertoire... (Just like video didn't really kill the Radio Star after all,
and oil painting survived the invention of photography!) Annette Q Pedersen E-Learning Consultant, ITMEDIA
Twitter: @anetqedu
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