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pueblo indians also known as Anasizs

Alexander, Brayden, Zachary

Beth Smith

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of pueblo indians also known as Anasizs

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Pueblo indians Region Region:Southwest Desert

Geographical location: Arizona,New Mexico, parts of Utah and Colorado, Nevada

Natural Resources: Cactus, Rocks and Clay Mens Work Carved wooden masks to wear elaborate ceremonies, also as a miracle dance to bring rain. Women's work Women own the whole pueblo and add to it as familys grow. They would boil plants and certain rocks. They would use residues from the cooked plants to make paint. Food or Water sources Crops: Squash, Beans, Sunflowers, Cotton, Tobacco, Turkey, Dog, Deer, Antelope and Rabbits. Crafts Tools Homes, dwelling Many square like homes that use ladders to go up many levels and to help run away from enemies and pulling them up as soon they come. By Alexander,Brayden,Zachary Rio Grande river was there water source. Tools, weapons They would use deer horn or other animal resources to hunt other animals. communication Tiwa, Tigua, or Jemez and Keres would be the language that they could speak and use in there region. Origin Stories The Anasazi believed there was a world under earth and ladders would connect the worlds together. Bibliography Carl Waldman (1955) Native American tribes, factson file publications,New York.

Susan Powell , (1993) the puebllos photographs copyrights, Franklin Watts.

Preszler, june (2005) Pueblos bridgeton books Manakota, Minnesota. They would use a big rock and a little rock to grind corn. They sometimes get clay and make a pot and polish and paint the pot.
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