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Career Shadowing

No description

kaemen rice

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadowing

Career Shadowing as an assistant manager at Dickinson Movie Theaters The Dickinson Theaters I shadowed at the lakeland location The mission statement of the company is "Come see a Movie" The company is thought to be bought out in 15 years Starting pay is minimum wage All you need to to work in this position is prior experience in the movie theaters Employability Skills Time management Respect Following the rules has to organize when the movie reels need changed has to respect co-workers and superiors has to do what they are told Technology is used - (the cash register) social skills are needed to communicate with the customers I would not pursue a career with this company because, this company seems very unstable and unable to support itself. I like going up in the projection booth. They had posters from movies in the past 2 decades, and seeing how the big projectors hook up to the reel. I didn't like the waiting, in the projection booth it has no a/c and you have to wait for all the movies to get over. These are movies shown at the theater. this is the theater Kaemen Rice
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