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Colonial Time Cabinet Makers

This is about cabinet makers

Jonathan Adams

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Colonial Time Cabinet Makers

Colonial Time Cabinet Makers What Materials do they use? What tools would you use?
Is this job important? Colonial Time Cabinet Makers were very important. They made by basically all of the furniture in a town. Most furniture was made in the town. Only about 1/4 of the furniture was shipped from out of the country. Usaully only rich people could afford that furniture. To be a cabinet maker you have to have many tools and supplies. You can't really just walk up and have no tools and say "Hey I'm here to build you a cabinet" The customer wouldn't like you using their stuff and probable wouldn't prefer you to friends or ever ask you for something again. Therefore, your business would not be great causing you to shut down or move somewhere where people don't know you. My Conclusion. Well, as I said you need many tools to be a cabinet
maker. Here are some examples: Hammers, nails,
cutters, a chisel, caliper, gimelet, lathe mallet, and
a saw.

This job is important because they usually make most furniture in the town. As I said only about 1/4 of the furniture is shipped or imported. Well basically we have learned about cabinet
makers. They are very important and they are
very awesome.

I hoped you like my Prezi.
By Jonathan Adams
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