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My Career Presentation : BY

No description

trey mitcham

on 28 September 2015

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Transcript of My Career Presentation : BY

My Career Presentation
BY: Trey Mitcham

What i want to do!
My ideal job to get with my degree is to market for an internaional missions campaign or organization such as compassion international, missions.me or world mission. It is a huge passion and desire of mine to travel the world and expirience many different cultures, i have a huge heart for people and i just want to be apart of helping others and ending poverty and restoring families etc.That is ultimetaly what i want to spend my life doing.
John Smith's Career choice!

Includes achieving a marketing and advertisement degree in international business, in hopes to adventure into the business world.
Education and training
Industry Analysis

The jobs you can get with a marketing degree are quite extensive and requires a variety of different tasks and responsibitities and includes a variety of skills and knowledge, The oppurtunities are endless!
Nightly news with brian williams
personable soucres (Gregg willalmson) (matt mallino)// marketing majors
Where the world is going
Modern day marketing represents the future, The industry is growing rapidly and there are more and more job oppurtunities available with a marketing degree.

what you earn in this job field is pretty broad and you usually get more money the longer you work for an organization. for example you could start as a marketing intern and make roughly 10-15 dollars an hour and you could work your way up the ladder after 5 or so years and become the marketing manager making over 85,000 a year according to www.ramussencollege degrees.edu
The industry requriements for most respectable marketing entry level jobs include a bachlor degree. Many supervisors will look to higher a marketing emplyee with the following skill set.
Strategic managment
Marketing strategies
quantatative analysis (presentaion skills)
digital marketing
consumer behavior (social skills)
My top two college choices to transer to after grcc are Azuza Pacific (in California) or Davenport university, They are both awesome business schools and i think both schools would be a great fit.
Negatives of a Marketing Career.
due to a broad range of responsiblities and fast paste business market fields, it cn become over whelming or stressful at times.
requires a lot of dedication and commitment
can be competetive at times both between colleagues and between two or more businesses.
Positives of a marketing degree.
earning a degree in marketing opens the door for endless carrer oppurtunities
Allows personable and creative individuals to THRIVE in the areas of artistic writing an critical thinking within the business realm.
Job Opening!

FirstCom music corp. , A music publishing company in Carellton texas who strives creatively implement various aspects of music across america , have an immediat job opening for a marketing executtive . They need somone to advertise and create marketing projects to increase effectivness of the company
I would love to be aprt of this company and i think it would be a great fit for me!, i love being around all sorts of musici am very passionate about it and i know i can implement creative and culturally relevent ideas that will promote the company well!
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