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Verizon Wireless

Organizational Design

Amy Collins

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Verizon Wireless

Verizon's Mission Organizational
Structure Redesign Plan Core Competencies History of Verizon Verizon Wireless •Verizon is structured in five major components: Enterprise (large Businesses), Finance, Information Technology, Network Services Group, and Retail Markets.
•decentralized, emergent, participative, and self-organized.
•top-down framework of hierarchy that is flattened and formed into an enterprise of smaller groups able to respond easier to local markets.
•Decentralization encourages employee creativity, motivation, and job satisfaction.
Global Environment Successes: Presentation By:

Amy Collins, Michael Richie,
Jacqueline Schmidt,
Emily Spears, and
Jennifer Whitney Products and Services Services
Voice data and video
On the government level
Global IT
Communication Solutions
Smart phone and other hand held devices
Wi Fi hotspot Customer Complaints Importance of Customer Service Improvements Intense hiring or retraining phase
Reconstruct billing services
Customer Satisfaction Surveys
Better employee incentives
Adopt an adaptive organizational culture Other Suggestions Responds well to technological change and uncertainty
Convenient geographic organizational structure
Merging into new markets via joint ventures Needs to Maintain: Expanding coverage
Sustain excellent coverage with suppliers
Manage their competition Needs Improvement: Customer Service "Absolutely horrible customer service. The. Worst. I've. Ever. Experienced."
"Too many problems to even mention them all"
"They will tell you anything to make the sale and then refuse to help you make it work"
"Verizon is money-mad" It costs much less to retain an unhappy customer than acquire a new one.
80% of customers will be repeat customers if problems are solved to their satisfaction.
86% of customers have left companies due to poor customer service. Move to less saturated markets
US is an advanced economy and future growth will only occur with population growth “As a leader in communications, Verizon's mission is to enable people and businesses to communicate with each other. We are also committed to providing full and open communication with our customers, employees, and investors” June 2000- Bell Atlantic Corp. and GTE Corp form a merger that creates Verizon Communication Inc.
2004 – Verizon is added to the Dow Jones Industrial Average
Feb. 2005 –Has agreed to acquire MCI. This gave Verizon coverage across the country and the world. (Approved in Oct. 2005)
2006 – Verizon is now the leading provider of advanced communications to large-business and government customers worldwide. History Continued... Aug. 2008- Verizon expands its reach to rural markets by completing its purchase of Rural Cellular Corp.
Early 2009- Verizon has become the largest wireless service provider in the U.S. ( measured by total number of customers
Dec. 2010- Verizon launched is 4G LTE(fourth-generation Long Term Evolution) Mobile Broadband network.
Jan. 2009- Verizon has completed buying out Alltel from Atlantis Holdings LLC. This allows the coverage to nearly the entire U.S. population.
Jan. 2011- Verizon announced the expansion of the 4G LTE network. Also added the Apple’s iPhone to the network. (Came out in Feb. 2011)
Dec. 2011- Verizon announces an agreement to buy Advanced Wireless Spectrum (AWS) licenses from SpectrumCo – a joint venture of Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks
Currently- Verizon is starting to promote its new joint venture with Comcast. Current Statistics Headquarters is located in New York, NY
Lowell C. McAdam as the CEO as of Aug. 2011
End of the 2011 year the company employed nearly 194,000 people
They serve 140 countries
Annual Revenue totaled $70.2billion in 2011 Culture

The environment varies from center to center call center, sales, customer service, R&D…etc
Dress code is business casual at most levels
No universal environment
Improvement is possible
•Their Code of Conduct is focused on commitment to integrity and respect.
•Maintain the trust of their customers, communities, shareholders and employees
•Professionalism at all levels
•Not upholding the code of conduct
Organizational Structure Continued..
•Chairman and CEO –responsible for establishing the overall direction of Verizon Communications
•Vice Chairman and President, holds overall responsibility for ensuring service delivery and service quality to all domestic telephone companies
•Senior Vice President Human Resources–responsible for establishing human resource policies and procedures, including labor relations
•Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, responsible for financial activities, including capital and expense budgeting
•Senior Vice President of Strategy, Development, and Planning –responsible for all strategic, developmental, and planning activities
General Environment Economic, technological, political, ethical, and environmental forces
Technological forces = most important
New cell phone apps, network coverage, faster information-processing equipment, and security solutions.
Organizational Environment •Complex
•Can be difficult to make predictions and future can be uncertain
•Dynamic: rapid changes in a globally expanded environment
•Rich: several resources to support domain
Symbiotic Interdepencencies: LG, HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Blackberry, and Apple
Outputs of manufacturers = inputs of Verizon
High competition in interdependencies
Strategic alliance with ILS Technology, Vodafone and nPhase, McAfee
Verizon is a result of a Joint Venture between Verizon Communications and Vodaphone – to reduce problems of managing complex inter-organizational relationships that arise in long-term contracts Specific Environment
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