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Jason and the Argonauts

A synopsis of Jason and the Argonauts

Reuben McCallum

on 26 October 2013

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Transcript of Jason and the Argonauts

Jason and the Argonauts
To get rid of Jason, King Pelias set him a perilous task - to find and claim the Golden Fleece. To help him on his task, Jason gathered some of the most famous heroes of Greece.
Orpheus, the Poet
Heracles, Son of Zeus
The Boreads, Calais and Zetes, Children of the North Wind
and others...
Jason's Argonauts
The Isle of Lemnos
The Argonauts first sailed to the Isle of Lemnos. This island had been taken over by women who had killed the men of their island for abandoning them for Thracian women. The Argonauts fared better, however, and were responsible for repopulating the island. (Ewwwwww)
King Phineus and the Harpies
King Phineus, the blind king of Thrace, was beset by harpies - vicious creatures, half bird and half women. Every day the would come to steal the food from his plate, and a result King Phineus was starving. But the Boreads, possessed of the power of flight, chased the Harpies away. In gratitude, King Phineus told Jason the secret of passing the treacherous Symplegades...
Jason and King Pelias
Jason was the nephew of King Pelias. Pelias had killed Jason's father, Aeson, and taken his throne. Jason and his mother were exiled. When Jason had become a man, he returned to Iolcus to claim his throne.
Jason and Hera
On the way to meet King Pelias, Hera, the Queen of the Gods, decided to test Jason. She transformed herself into an old woman and waited next to a roaring stream. Jason offered to carry her across. As he crossed the river, she became heavier and heavier, for she was far more than the ancient crone she appeared to be. But Jason continued to carry her, and thus earned her blessings.
The Argo
The Boat used by Jason and his Companions was called the Argo; thus, they are known as the Argonauts.
The Symplegades
The Symplegades were rocks that would move and smash people between them. However, King Phineus had told Jason how to get past them. The let a bird fly ahead, and when the bird was smashed to pieces they sailed after. Good for them, bad for the bird...
Jason and Medea
Jason finally arrived at Colchis, the home of the golden fleece, to claim it as his own. The king of Colchis, Aeetes, had been told by a soothsayer that his reign would be over when he lost the golden fleece, so he was having none of that. He decided to set Jason a task that would kill him. It probably would have too, but Hera convinced Aphrodite, Goddess of love, to make the King's daughter Medea fall in love with him...
The Khalkotauroi
Jason's first test was to sow a field. Unbeknownst to Jason, he had been given fire breathing bulls to sow the field with. Medea made Jason a ointment that made him immune to flame. Then he had to sow the field with Dragon's teeth. These sprang from the field as armed warriors. Medea threw a rock into their midst, so they all fought one another instead of killing Jason (as was the plan...)
The Dragon and the Fleece
King Aeetes wasn't too pleased with this outcome. But he sent Jason after the fleece, knowing that another surprise was in store for him. A Dragon guarded the fleece.
Medea sung a lullaby to the dragon, putting it to sleep, so Jason could take the Golden Fleece.
Jason, Medea and the Argonauts fled from Colchis, Fleece in hand. King Aeetes, angered, chased after them. Medea distracted him by killing her brother, Apsyrtus, and chopping him up into pieces. After that, Aeetes gave up the chase, although he entreated Zeus to punish them.
Zeus sent them off course with a storm.
Talos, the Bronze Giant
Zeus storm sent them the long way home. They eventually arrived at the Isle of Crete, where they were attacked by the bronze giant, Talos. Medea used magic to calm him down; then she removed a nail in his foot, which caused him to bleed out and die.
Return to Iolcus
After many years, the Argonauts returned to Iolcus, with the Golden Fleece. King Pelias welched on their deal, though, and refused to give up the throne.
However, Medea had plan. She showed his daughters an old sheep, which she chopped up, threw in a pot and put in some magic herbs. The sheep came back to life, as a lamb.
Pelias' daughters thought they'd do something nice for him, so chopped him up and put him in a pot. Medea did not throw in the magic herbs this time, so it didn't go as well for him.
So what happens after happily ever after?
So for a short time, Jason ruled Iolcus, and Medea, as his wife, was queen. The people of Iolcus were not entirely happy with this, so Pelias' son, Acastus, drove them out. They fled, finally arriving at the city of Corinth. And that is where Euripides play "Medea" begins...
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