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A Hero's Journey: The Fault in Our Stars

No description

Moira H

on 12 December 2016

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Transcript of A Hero's Journey: The Fault in Our Stars

A Hero's Journey: The Fault in Our Stars
Status Quo- 12:00
The Status Quo for the Fault in Our Stars is Hazel going to her cancer support group. This is the Status Quo because this is her normal life. She was diagnosed with cancer and now she spends most of her days avoiding people, but her mom tries to get her to socialize.
Call to Adventure- 1:00
Hazel's call to adventure is meeting a boy named Augustus Waters in her support group. He wants to be her friend, but she's closed off. This is her call to adventure because he represents something Hazel hasn't experienced in a while. A new friendship.
Assistance- 2:00
Departure- 3:00
Trials- 4:00
Approach- 5:00
Crisis- 6:00
Treasure- 7:00
Result- 8:00
Return- 9:00
New Life- 10:00
Resolution- 11:00
Hazel receives assistance when her mom gives her indirect advice about being friends with Augustus. Hazel's mom can tell Hazel likes Augustus even if she won't admit it. Her mom helps her choose to get out of her comfort zone a bit.
Hazel finally admits she has feelings for Augustus. This opens up a whole new world for her. It is her departure because she is leaving her world of depression and loneliness and entering Augustus' world where she can be open and where she can forget her cancer and focus on living her life.
Hazel's trials are her own personal challenges. She has to admit to herself she likes Augustus and when they begin dating she has to ignore the fact that she is "a grenade". She doesn't want to hurt August and she has to learn how to let her cancer go. These are the tough obstacles because Hazel has been closed off for so long, but she manages to overcome them and live Augustus.
Hazel's main conflict comes up when Augustus' cancer returns in his leg and he has a limited time to live. Hazel goes through a period of grief knowing her boyfriend might die. To face this conflict, they arrange a pre-funeral so Augustus can hear his friend's speeches before his actual funeral. This is the approach to the conflict because it has arisen, but it hasn't hit yet.
The time has come and Augustus is gone. Hazel couldn't bear it. All she wants is to call Augustus while her parents try to comfort her. She wants to hear his voice one more time. This is the worst time for Hazel and she goes through a heartbreaking period of grief, unable to believe he is truly gone.
There was nothing that could pull her back from her grief. But her 'hero' of an author, Peter Van Houten comes to give her a letter that Augustus wrote to him. The letter contains a part of Augustus that she gets to keep. That is her treasure because even though he's gone, she gets to keep a small collection of his kind thoughts about her.
The result of her adventure with Augustus was her acceptance of the fact Augustus was dead. The letter gave Hazel closure. She knew Augustus loved her but this gave her more than just words. It gave her his true thoughts.
She never fully moves on from Augustus
Waters in the book, but she does come to terms with his death. The reader can infer she moves on eventually and goes on to live a much different life than before. That is her return from her adventure with Augustus because even thought she must live without Augustus, she can still live more because of him.
The reader is left to infer that her life returns to normal. Except this time it will be full of the things Augustus showed her, like happiness and love. This is her new life stage because it shows how she grew out of being depressed and unwelcoming to new opportunities and people.
Because of Augustus, Hazel can be more open to her parents and more open to new friends and relationships. Most importantly she is more open to happiness. This was the resolution because all those things were the things missing from Hazel's life and now that that gap has been filled she can really live life instead of watching it go by.
This symbolizes Hazel's current battle with cancer.
This picture is supposed to represent how Augustus wants to be her friend and get to know her.
This is supposed to be Hazel and her mom talking about how she met Augustus and if she wants to risk being friends with him.
This picture represents Hazel finally letting go and being free; and accepting the fact that she likes Augustus.
The loose hands represent Hazel and Augustus' relationship; she was scared of the relationship at first, but she held on and that made their relationship stronger.
Hazel is absolutely heartbroken when she finds out and cries at the thought of loosing Augustus.
This represents how all Hazel wants to do is call Augustus one last time and talk to him, but she knows she can't.
This is the letter that Augustus wrote to Peter Van Houten and it shows his neverending love for Hazel.
This monitor represents how Augustus is finally really dead in Hazel's mind and how Hazel sadly accepts that.
This symbolizes the healing of Hazel's heart as she moves on from Augustus and continues to live her life.
These are the doors to Hazel's new life opening up a new world of happiness, excitement and love.
This symbolizes all the the new relationships she will have with her family and with new people.
By Moira Humphries & Maddie Vijayakumar
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