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No description

tasha mcmillan

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Veterinarian

Becoming a Veterinarian All About ME School: I excel at science classes like environmental science and chemistry.
I would like to take more classes like Physics, Animal Biology and Genetics. I am currently involved
in a class called Youth Take Action.
We volunteer at two local state parks,
Tryon Creek and Jhonson Creek to help
gather information for the park ranger about water quality,
macro-invertibrates and forest conditions. The people I talk to the
most about my dreams
are my mother and my
best friend Brittany. After i graduate i plan
to go to college and
become a vet. asst. first
to gain experience and
save money. A veterinarian is a doctor who
specializes in the treatment and
health of animals. How do you become a vet?? For a start, in order to become
a veterinarian, you need great
grades in high school. Naturally, have a love for animals helps - after all, you will be looking after them all your life. 4 years of college, and then another
4 years in veterinary school and then
pass a veterinary medical board
examination before you qualify How Much Money do they Make? The money you can make
as a vet depends on a
variety of factors, including
where you live and the specific
field of practice. Newly licensed veterinarians
can expect to earn between
$25,000 to $35,000 a year
($12.00 - 16.82 hr) All private clinical practices $46,339
Large animals, exclusively 48,303
Small animals, exclusively 48,178
Small animals, predominantly 46,582
Large animals, predominantly 45,087
Mixed animals 43,948
Equine (horses) 34,273 Veterinarians in private or clinical
practice often work long hours in
a noisy indoor environment Vets who work with livestock
and food animals spend most
of there time on the farm and
in the stall with the animal. Veterinarians often work long hours.
Those in group practices may take
turns being on call for evening, night,
or weekend work Where Do They Work?? Pro's and Con's Pro: Vets make enough money
to live comfortably. Con: Vets are at risk for infectious
diseases like Rabis. Pro: If your passionate about animals,
then you get to work around them
24/7 and help save lives. Con: Can be emotionally attached
to a patient and become emotionaly
distressed when something goes wrong. Personality You have to have a strong stomach. You also have to try not get too attached to your patients.(but hatred is aloud for the human that did it). Patience is good, because you're dealing with animals which don't always react rationally when in pain. You should be patient and
respectful of animal kind. Keepin' it Local Theres a couple of schools in Portland
Oregon that teach Vet skills. Some of
these include: Penn Foster College Oregon State University
College of Veterinary Medicine
Corvallis Or, 97331
(541) 737-2098 Local Jobs There is a job opening in Portland
Oregon for a full-time Certified
Veterinary Technician position. The schedule will include a 4 day work week that includes some Saturday shifts but no evening hours or Sundays.
They offer there employees full medical
benefits, competitive wages, paid holidays,
sick time, vacation pay,IRA, continuing
education and fairly flexible hours. They are looking for
someone with the following capabilities:
-Client education
-Estimate review
-Patient follow-up calls
-Animal restraint
-Surgical prep and
anesthesia monitoring
-IV catheter placement
-Prescription filling
-In house lab procedures
including fecals, urinalysis,
ear cytologies and Vet Test
-Dental prophylaxis They are located in the West Hills.
Please fax a resume to 503-291-1773 By: Tasha Mcmillan
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