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Culture Showcase: Korea

No description

Namwoo Cho

on 24 April 2012

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Transcript of Culture Showcase: Korea

Republic of Korea Population: 50 Million
( 10 Million in Seoul! )

Territory size about 60~70% of North Carolina

6th largest Active Troops
2nd largest Reserve Troops
2nd highest soldiers/capita South Korea ---> Ranked 12th in the world by GDP
(14th by nominal GDP)

Member of G-20 Major Economies

Fastest growing economies from 1960's to 1990's
One of fastest growing economies on 2000's 2323 B.C., "Go-jo-seon" by Dangun "Three Kingdoms" Period (7th C.)

Goguryuh (North)
Shilla (South East)
Baekjae (South West) Unified Shilla
(then fell apart into three again)

Goryuh (936 AD)

Joseon Joseon ---> Japanese Occupation ---> North/South Korea OH YEAH ALL ME King Sejong, 15th C. Popular Sports in Korea soccer
golf Korean Traditional Dress

'Hanbok' Notable athletes

Kim Yun Ah
K.J. Choi
Shin Soo Choo
Park Ji Sung TaeKwonDo Demonstration

Yong-In Martial Arts from Holly Springs 2000,2001 Taekwondo World Championship Gold Medalist
2000 Asia Taekwondo Championship Gold Medalist
2002 Asian Game Taekwondo Gold Medalist
Master Kim International sporting events

1998 Seoul Olympics
2002 FIFA World Cup
2018 Pyeonchang Winter Olympics
Forumula One Grand Prix2011
IAAF World Championship
Traditional sports

Ssireum (Korean Wrestling)
Kite Flying
Tug of War
TaeKwonDo Kayagum, a string instrument TaeKwonDo Samulnori (Traditional Percussion Quartet) 'Shinmyung' Samulnori Team Daegeum, a large bamboo transverse flute Famous Korean Dishes

Galbi and other families: Junggeum, Sogeum, Danso and etc... THANK YOU!

Gamsahapnida! East
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