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My Virtual Classroom

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 15 September 2017

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Transcript of My Virtual Classroom

I used Explain Everything to record my maths computation. On Explain Everything you can also draw, take photos and videos and write in all types of different colors. I can use this on the ipad's and phones.
Our school is closed for the day. How are we going to learn? We have to Brainstorm ideas and create a Solution for this problem.Your teacher has organized work to be completed for the day that the school is closed. How will you communicate with your teacher?How will you complete this work?How will your teacher collect this work?
I used Word Document for English. On Word Document I wrote my narrative, some other things you can do on word document are change different fonts, put emoji"s and cut and paste to put on my narrative. You can use Word Document on computers.
I used Youtube for Conference. For Youtube I made a video and uploaded it. Some other things you can do on Youtube are listen to Maths,English,Science,Reliogen and Art videos. You can also watch music videos and videos with people talking. You can use this app on computers, phones and ipad's.
I used Skype and Email for Science. I can use Skype, to talk to my teacher and show her images and photos.I can use Email, to send emails to my teacher and also send images to.I can use Email on ipad's, computers and phones. I can use Skype on computers,phones and ipads too.
Thank you for reading my Virtual Classroom
Thank you!
By Olivia Hobbins

My Virtual Classroom
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