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organising sports events

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jordan gabriel

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of organising sports events

Sporting event 3: sponsored events
When sport sponsored events are put on the main objective is to raise money, When sponsored events are done they are usually done to raise money for charity's to help and raise environmental awareness.
4 individuals involved in planning and delivering of sports events...
assignment information
in this assignment i will be describing three different types of sporting events. I will describe what each one is then the purpose of the event followed by who participates in the event.
Sporting event 2: Tournament
sporting event 1:
A competition usually last over a period of time such as a season so a example could be with football the barclays premier league there are 20 teams and they all play each other twice.
organising sports events
Types of sports events and roles of teams...
once i have done that i will then go onto more detail including the roles and responsibilities of four different individuals that are involved in the planning and delivering the event, i will say why these individuals are essential for the event to be successful and how the different jobs link in together.
A competition is the most common type of sporting event that is usually set up, a competition is composed of smaller events within the competition so a example would be different matches being played.

When competitions are set up they usually take form of a league so the team's in it can get a league position
The purpose of a sports competition

The purpose of a competition is for contestants or teams to play within rules of a type of league or groups and to play over a period of time such as a season and playing every other opponent.

once the set period of time is up the league table or group table will be looked at and the contestant or team in first position is the overall winner.
therefore the purpose of a competition is for athletes to perform over a period of time and for there to be a determined winner at the end of the competition.
People who participate in sports competitions...
There is a massive range of people who take part within sport's competitions throughout a variety of different sports. Some of the different types are school children who take part in competitions with other schools. There are also other types such as local competitions and national competitions. there will be adult competitions including work competitions.

the type of people who participate in sports competitions are all athletes including juniors and seniors as individuals but also teams enter into competitions and play as a team you can also get teams who play as a county or country.
A tournament is very similar to a competition but the difference is that a tournament is a much shorter event.

A tournament most commonly run over a day or two a example would be over a weekend.

Tournaments can be in forms of a straight knockout or round robin.

At times tournaments are formed into mini leagues which get played over weekends which then create a final.
The purpose of a sports tournament
The purpose of a sports tournament is for athletes or teams to compete against each other in a short period of time such as a day or weekend and create a winner played through a final.

The purpose of tournaments are for the athletes or teams to peak at the correct time to progress through the tournament to reach the final.

When tournaments are being played it bring together all athletes and teams from around different places allowing athletes and teams to play others they usually dont get the opportunity against.
Who participate in sport tournaments.
There is a wide range of participants within sport tournaments similar to the competitions.
There is still a variety of athletes and also sport teams that participate in the tournaments. There are still other people participate such as schools and also work places who compete against others in the same business.

Some examples of sponsored events are events such as swimathons, fun runs and also marathons.

Sponsored events can be done on a small scale such as local events to large national events so a event locally could be a charity football match whereas a large national event could be doing a london marathon.
The treasurer play a massive role and is mainly responsible for making sure the finances are organised and managed correctly.
A treasurer will manage all income which could include invoices and any other subscriptions that is owed plus making sure cash and cheques are depositied.

They will also manage all expenditure therefore they are in charge or paying any bills and recording information including payments.

Another big role is they are in charge of any legal requirements which can include things such as VAT returns or tax returns.

They can also have additonal roles such as keeping up to date records of transactions, identifying fundraising opportunuites such as grants plus financial planning
The role of a secretary has a lot of various, they are mainly at the front of all different duties.
The secretary are always the first point of contact for all enquires. They will attend all executive commitee meetings and also other meetings.

A massive role a secretary has to do is taking and distributing minutes. making sure they keep accurate records.
Being a secretary you will have to make sure that you ensure action points from meetings have been carried out.

They will also have to deal with correspondence.
When meetings take place they will have to put imput into the agenda for the meeting.
The chair person is a massive role to undertake being the chair person you are the central figure of the achievement trying to be reached or the organisation.

The chair person will organise the meetings and schedule them, they will also have to set a agenda for the meeting.

Being the chair person they will have to make decisions whenever there is a need or when there is something arise throughtout.

The chair person will also monitor the progress of action points that have been agreed to see if there is any progression taking place.

The person person will be at every meeting that is taken place.
Publicity officer
The main role of the publicity officer is to raise the profile of the event or organisation in the community, county and potentially even country or world through information, publicity and also promotion.
Being the publicity officer they will need to talk to and also build a relationship with the media to enable them to get information across to the public to get the event recognised.
They will also need to create the information they want to put across such as newsletters.
Being the publicity officer they will have to make sure they produce interesting stories so that it grab attention of the people who recieve the information through the media
Overall they have to make sure they get information across to the media that can be transferred across to the public.
Purpose of a sponsored event
The main purpose of a sponsored event is to fundraise to make money for a organisation or charity such as cancer research.

Another purpose of a sponsored event is to raise environmental awareness so again a example could be someone may do a sponsored event not to only raise money for a charity but to try get the environment to realise how cancer can be prevented and how to help to prevent it
Who participate in sponsored events
by Jordan Gabriel
There is a wide range of individuals who participate in sponsored events, anyone can take part in these events. people take part in sponsored events by themselves as a team, as a workplace or for younger children even as schools.

Most commonly individuals will do a sponsored event by themselves just so they can fundraise for something that is close their heart such as a charity.
The main point to realise is that absolutely anyone is allowed to take part in sponsored events.
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