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Roles of Workers and Managers

No description

Essence Foster

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Roles of Workers and Managers

This is a story involving the roles of workers and managers. It will,hopefully, give you a better view of how things work. In this story Regi is the manager of a successful laptop organization. He is in charge of making sure that the laptop is ready to be sold. While this seems easy, it is difficult. So he asks a worker, Niema, to assist him.Along the way, Niema forgets her place as a worker and because of her Regi does too!! Intro: Like any other day at The Blue Suit company building, everyone is busy. The only sounds you can hear are the constant clicking of keys and the whispers of people. Those whispers are coming from the meeting that was called by Regi, the manager.He has called them together because he needs help checking the laptops. Regi was very quick and very smart but he needed help. The laptop computers were so complex that it took him forever to check all 50 that came in every day. He figured if he split the computers with someone else that he would have more free time. That is why he has called this surprise meeting. While everyone else was fighting sleep there was one worker that was paying attention, Niema. Although she really hated extra work and Regi knew it, he called on her as a volenteer."No, i really don't think........"she replied. But before she could finish Regi interupted with,"Great then I'll see you here every afternoon at 5:30"!And with that, Niema knew that she would be spending the rest of her nights checking laptops. I AM SO TIRED,
WAY TOO MUCH WORK!!! Roles of workers and Managers The first few days went by with the dread that Niema expected. But it was the following weeks that made things interesting. Niema soon grew tired of the same 25 laptops everyday. So she started ordering a larger supply. Which was a problem because she was using the company fund and she was doing all of this without Regi's permission. Regi was also acting different. He was beginning to stay to himself. All he did was check his computers and go home. The power in the office was starting to shift to Niema. She was giving the orders and Regi was turning into the worker. I think that both of these people have forgotten their positions. It didn't take long for Regi to realize how the company fund was unbalanced. It didn't take long for him to realize what was going on. It wasn't long before he confronted Niema."You are forgetting who is the manager and who is the worker. It is my job to run this area of the company and keep things organized. It is your job to assist me when I need it and contribute to the company by doing your job". This made Niema nervous and angry inside, so nervous and angry that she only replied"I'm sorry, I just had to make something of this lllooooooonnnnggg task". After it was all over Regi went back to doing his own work. Even though it is tiring and he has almost no free time, he would rather do things this way. In the end Regi truly understood the role of managers and workers. He understood that managers have very important jobs. Even though it can be hard they can not give up. It is their job to keep the company organized. They have to take charge and responsibly do everything neccessary. During this process Regi also understood a workers role. It is just as important. They have to contribute by doing their job. If every worker does their job, the end result will be amazing!! The Roles of Managers and Workers is what has just been explained. These two roles are very alike. But at the same time the weight that comes with both makes the roles different.
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