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Charity Concert

No description

Jasmine Kamakaris

on 6 October 2014

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Transcript of Charity Concert

Family Charity Concert
Creative Interpretation
Children's entertainment stage to be brightly coloured to suit entertainers, activities, & attract/hold attention
Main stage is easily viewed by all seating/standing areas, main area for entertainment, guest addresses, & event MC
Audiovisuals, special effects & lighting to complement the entertainment
Program of event to organise flow of performers, speakers, & catering
Site decoration will be minimal - signs directing guests to front gates, & then to their section, The Smith Family signage & posters to remind guests why they are there, & vendors will be encouraged to incorporate the charity's colours into the design of their stand/van
Concept & Theme
The concept of this event is to raise funds of over $100,000 for The Smith Family Charity by holding a family friendly concert with more exclusive packages available.

The concert is to be held on Saturday, February 15, 2014 running from 10am until 4pm.

The theme of the concert is "bright & fun", incorporating The Smith Family colours of red, white, & blue.

As an Australian Charity, entertainers will be local Australian talent as well as some international stars.
Smith Family Charity
Brisbane City Council
Security Company
Band and Management
Riverstage Venue Management
Stage, sound and lighting hire company
Insurance Company
Ticketing Agency
The catering vendors
Marketing Ideas
Audience Identification
Ticket identification barcode
Wrist bands
18+ wrist bands for alcohol purchasing
Post Event Wrap Up
1. Immediately after the event:
• Clean up event space
• Gather leftover supplies and store them
• Count and deposit any cash collected
2. During the next few days:
• Process outstanding reimbursements or invoices
• Check that all purchase orders are cleared accurately
• Remove all publicity material from on-campus locations
• Update group’s documentation (e.g., event costs, work orders, event day timeline, instructions, event document templates, waivers, planning notes)
3. Find a Way to Say Thanks
• Write a note to invited speakers and guests
• Submit a post-event press release with pictures from the event
• Send out a general thank you to your own group members
• Consider a small gift for volunteers
• Are there others who would appreciate seeing/hearing about the success?
4. Assess the Success of the Program
• Send an email to group members asking for feedback
• Hold a group debrief to discuss lessons learned

Nicole 00086693T ~ Jasmine 00060419T
Rachael 00067007T ~ Jillian 00065251T

Staff Responsibilities
Each staff member working at the Smith Family Charity Concert are responsible for the following:
Logistics Manager: Emergency Fragment, Traffic Management, Site Management, Communication & Contracts, Waste Management & Staff Provisioning

Marketing & Promotions Manager: promotion, advertising and media releases

Safety Manager: Health & Safety guidelines, water supply management, food management, public safety management, public health management, evacuation scheme, alcohol management plan

Legal Manager: Permits, consents, insurance, finance, contracts, other legal responsibilities
Attendees buy a plastic recycled re-usable cup (the cup will have the year and concert name on it) attendees can re-use it throughout the festival.
Position Bin Stations around area
Organise volunteers to clean up the area after event is ended
Green purchasing: eco-label, organic, recyclable materials
Waste minimization ie. reduce, re-use, recycle.
Energy efficiency: mains/grid power or through mobile portable power generators
Water Conservation
Social & economic development: Stimulate local economy & social development ie. Raise awareness to patron & staff that event is waste accountable - (posters, websites & newsletters)
Lighting of stage: ensure that sub-contractor have environmental policy in place
Transport: Promote public transport opposed to driving
Waterless portable compost toilets - reduces transportable sewage by up to 80% as waste is composted in situ.
Sustainability Strategies
Riverstage Layout
Platinum section for VIP package - dining tables, catering, beverages, table service, closer vicinity to entertainment
Gold section - limited seating available plus BYO seats, access to purchase food & beverages from vendors
General admission is available for guests to sit wherever they prefer, BYO chairs or picnic blankets, access to purchase food & beverages from food vendors
Target audience is
Time Line and Operational Budget
Brisbane City Council charge $803 per day for hire of Brisbane Riverstage. This fee is purely for hire of the venue and does not include staff, set-up or pack down.
Venue Hire Costs $803
Brisbane City Council charge $896 for a permit to hold a public event on council land.

There is also the additional cost of a temporary food stalls license of $259.

Queensland Liquor Licensing require a fee of $59 per day of the event for a community liquor permit.
Working on the basis of expected patrons of 3645, and a cost of $65 per hour, per crowd controller.

Based on 5 guards being available for the entirety of the event and 8 controllers working 4 hours, and 8 working 3 hours during the peak admission time security will cost $5590.
Security Costs $5590
One of the worlds most popular mediums of social media
Over 1 billion active users
Easy to set up
Permit Costs $1214
Broad range of listeners
Numerous people listen to radio
Big numbers read the paper
Broad audience
Flyers and Posters
Best way to reach families
Easy for families to obtain tickets through schools
Advertise on The Smith Family website
Reaches those who already support the charity
Seals the deal
Memory of even
Reminder of the charity
Public Liability Insurance will be purchased from "Aon Risk Services Australia".

There is an excess cost of $1000 per claim.

The premium costs is $1659.50
Tenders are invited through a classified advertisement, costing $70 per day, advertising on a Wednesday and Friday for 2 weeks at a total cost of $280.
Instead of charging a fee, we decided to charge 10% of each vendors takings for the day.
For a charity event like this aiming to raise in excess of $100,000, it is important that it is marketed appropriately so it appeals to the masses.
Catering Profit $1856.10
As the Smith Family Charity have an existing website, we decided to make tickets available through a link on their home page. This also attracts attendants to the charity.

It will however cost a small amount to print and distribute tickets. Ticketriver.com print individually bar coded tickets for 8 cents each, at a final cost of $226.40

By offering a range of ticketing options there is a ticket and price that suits everyone. Final ticket sales equaled $141,745.
Ticket Profit $141,518.60
The entertainment hired for the event are offering their time free of charge in support of the charity.
Band hire fee $0
By using volunteers it lowers wage costs, yet people are willing to offer their time to help the charity as well as to gain free access to the event.
A cost for a classified advertisement calling for volunteers is needed. $70 per day on Wednesday and Friday for 2 weeks at a total of $280.
We also decided to give the volunteers a t-shirt as both a memento for the day as well as to create a uniform, making them visible to patrons who required assistance. Screen printed T-shirt costs $15.99 X 36 (number of volunteers) = $575.64
Volunteer costs $715.64
Children's Entertainment
To make sure the event is family friendly we are having a mini stage for children's entertainers (donating their time to the charity) and well as some amusement rides.
Stage Costing $1600
Amusement Rides $1100
Children's Entertainment Costs $2700
Sound and Lighting
As the venue is being hired without staff or equipment, sound and lighting equipment is required, as are crew to run it.
Event Timeline
Inexpensive form of advertising
Reaches another demographic
Easy to get printed
Easy/free to distribute
The Family Charity Concert has public liability insurance through an insurance company called "Aon Risk Services Australia Limited".

The insurer covers legal liability to pay compensation to third parties for personal injury and / or property damage caused by an occurrence in connection with our business activities: Organise, Promote and Stage; Family Charity Concert on the 15th of February 2014 as declared with a limit of $20, 000, 000 for any one claim.
Health & Safety
Risks associated with food concession, hygiene & sanitation require specific attention. It is the food van responsibilities to ensure that warm food is kept warm and cold food need to kept cold

Ambulance & security are on site should someone hurt themselves, feeling unwell.

Care must be taken to ensure contracts are in place and all permits and licenses are secured
Parking at river stage is accessible, and there is public transport freely available such as buses, fairies, trains - only walking distance from city.

The events team promote public transport opposed to driving.
St John Ambulance staff will be on-site throughout the day.

An ex-commissioned ambulance will be available for treating patients

Should we require ambulance service we will call them if transport is required
Security & Crowd Control/Management
Security will be onsite, entrance, exit and a few inside the event itself. Security personnel must carry their own public liability insurance. Security are directly responsible for crowd control & crowd safety
Signage will be present around the stage and at the Entrance to the venue stating that moshing, stage diving and crowd surfing is prohibited at the event. It is the securities responsibility to ensure these activities do not occur. Any insured allowing any of these activities will have no cover in respect to claims arising directly or indirectly from these activities.
Crowd Management technique: communication with the whole crowd - both audio and visual - particularly in emergency situations
The selected sum insurance of $20, 000, 000 covers:

Public Liability, Products Liability & the insurance covers the whole event including set-up & pack-up
All service providers are to carry their own Liability insurance. A service provider is deemed as anyone hired by the Insured to provide goods or perform a service. - Employees and volunteers are not deemed service providers. Service providers include but are not limited to security firms, amusement operators, fireworks operators, entertainers, food vendors, stall holders, labour hire, venues, sound & lighting companies, etc.

Signage will be present around the stage and at the Entrance to the venue stating that moshing, stage diving and crowd surfing is prohibited at the event. It is the securities responsibility to ensure these activities do not occur. Any insured allowing any of these activities will have no cover in respect to claims arising directly or indirectly from these activities.

Security personnel must carry their own public liability insurance. Security are directly responsible for crowd control & crowd safety.
Events manager co ordinate with Administration to conduct a risk assessment meeting prior to the event with the event staff and volunteers. Meeting is aimed to gather risk management expertise.
Risk Management Strategies
Liquor License
This event has obtained a liquor license for the supply of alcohol only in the dining hall, which can only be accessed by VIP ticket holders. As this is a family charity event, outside of this VIP area will be alcohol - free.

Due to the high prices of advertising we have decided to use what we believe to be the two most effective means, Facebook and Radio advertising.

Facebook is a free medium, and can be regularly updated.

Radio advertising will cost $3870.

We will also use bus shelter advertising and posters at a cost of $2500.
Advertising Cost $6370
Insurance Cost $1659.50
Sound and lighting cost $5480
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