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Enviormental Lawyer

No description

Sapna Patel

on 5 May 2015

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Transcript of Enviormental Lawyer

Environmental Lawyer

Career outlook & Advancement oppotunities
10% ( fast as average.)
Advancement opportunities depend on local comp. & market.
People in my career should plan to find local availability and other resources in different places.
Education, training, & Career path
The degrees needed for this job include:
Juris Doctorate (JD)
Professional degree
After graduating lawyers go to law school for 3 years. After earning their JD they take the BAR exam in order to be licensed in law.
Tentative decision of interests
( similar jobs)
Environmental Technician
Environmental Regulatory Liscesing Specialist
Natural Resources Biologist
Environmental Project Manager
Nature of My Career & Work Environment
People in this career specialize in the following issues:
Endangered species
Waste management

Work in private or legal offices.
some travel to attend meetings with clients ,
Others travel to courts.
Environmental Lawyer

The nationwide salary range for environmental lawyers is about:
70,000- 113,530/yr
35.00-54.58 /hr.
Stay green & help the Environment
By Sapna Patel
The End
The end
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